Here’s why the least-priced car insurance may not be a worthwhile investment

Here’s why the least-priced car insurance may not be a worthwhile investment  28th January 2023

Imagine you're out with your car for some work, and suddenly another over-speeding vehicle rams into your car from behind. A scary situation, isn't it? Worrying about the damages is not a concern if you have the right protection. Car insurance is the immediate step you should buy to ensure that you are compensated fairly and stay financially stress-free.

When you begin choosing insurance from the options available, you always look for competitive premiums which are affordable and fully effective. Although you can get substantially low car insurance policies, you will not be able to enjoy all the benefits and features.

Let's have a detailed look at why you should not opt for the least-priced car insurance.

1. Unavailability of essential benefits:
The least-priced car insurance often strips you of the major benefits. Not all expensive insurance policies need to offer you all the benefits, but the least-priced ones offer you none. For instance, it may not even cover accident costs if someone else is driving the car at the time of an accident. Some insurance companies very cleverly offer you a low premium to attract you to their insurance policies. You must properly inspect your policy before determining the one you want to buy.

2. Impacts policy coverage:
The cost of the car insurance policy is directly proportional to the level of coverage it provides. If your insurance is cheap, the coverage will be lower too. There might be third-party insurance involved, which requires the protection against damages to the third party. You can be accountable for major crises in terms of losses or damages.

3. Lack of cashless claims:
If your insurance policy is cheap, you may not be able to enjoy cashless claims. This means that you will not be able to avail the facility of getting your car repaired in a garage that falls under your insurance. Under other circumstances, you will not be required to pay any money from your pocket. But with cheap car insurance, you are forced to pay for the damages before you apply for a claim.

4. Unsatisfactory customer service:
It is a known fact that the reputed insurance agencies ask you for a premium which is justified. This means that you will receive top-notch and priority treatment as a customer. You will be given the best support and care by the customer service of your designated insurance company. They will pay attention to all your complaints and resolve them on priority. In the case of cheap insurance, you will face unsatisfactory responses to your queries. Always keep that in mind.

5. Greater deductibles:
A deductible is a partial amount paid by the policy owner during the settlement of an insurance claim. With this feature in your car insurance policy, you need to pay a small deductible for your claim. However, for the least-priced car insurance, you need to pay a larger amount as deductibles. Only after the payment, you'll get the claim amount. This is how they loop you in for trouble. Always ensure that you read your documents carefully and ask all the right questions.

These points are enough to evaluate decently priced car insurance instead of a cheap one. Always make sure you explore all your options and purchase the best car insurance, which would cater to all your needs in the best way possible. By saving a few bucks today, you risk losing a lot of money tomorrow. Hence, choose wisely while getting car insurance to protect your car against hefty damages in unfortunate situations.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.