Here’s a guide to parallel parking that has guaranteed results

Here’s a guide to parallel parking that has guaranteed results  02nd January 2023

People often complain about parking spaces, especially in our country. They usually park illegally and in spots that make it difficult for pedestrians to navigate their ways and get to their destinations conveniently. Many people need to develop their parking skills, to avoid the problems of congested roads, traffic jams, etc. Parking your cars also avoids the risk of accidents, keeps your vehicles safe against any damage caused by collisions, and helps maintain proper order on the road.

Parallel parking is a skill that people find challenging to master. Are you somebody who has constant complaints about your inability to parallel park your two-wheeler or four-wheeler in parking spaces or congested parking lots? Well, do not worry. This blog is curated just for you. It discusses the tips to parallel park for you to read, quickly understand and practise parallel parking safely without damaging your car or hurting yourself.

1. Do not just go for a spot:
Always explore the spots that are empty before just going for the first one that you see. Giving it a thought for a minute will help you determine which location will be convenient for you and has enough space for you to parallel park your vehicle without any risk of collisions or damage. Determining if your car can fit in a particular area is crucial. Also, ensure that you keep a distance of at least two to three feet from the other vehicles.

2. Next step – reverse:
Your second step is to reverse correctly. Notice the other vehicle and reverse your car till the middle portion of your vehicle is parallel positioned concerning the next car’s bumper (rear). Keeping a distance of two to three feet is handy when you reverse. There is absolutely no risk of collision with the cars next to you on either side.

3. Platform behind your vehicle:
You must keep reversing your vehicle until you park perfectly parallel to the vehicles on the side and the divider, usually on the driver’s seat side. Ensure that you are aware of any platforms behind the cars in the parking lot to avoid crashing into them and damaging your vehicle while reversing it.

4. Aligning is important:
The last and final step is to check that your car is placed at an equal distance from the vehicles on either side of it and has enough space to open the door and get out comfortably. If not, straighten it or try parking it properly again. Aligning your car avoids the risk of any bumps and damages while you or others who have parked next to you try to move the vehicles out of their parking spaces.

While you parallel park, some tips to keep in mind include using your indicators to signal other cars that you are trying to park and avoid mishaps that might occur due to misreading directions. Slowly backing your vehicle is essential to prevent bumps into surfaces you might have missed out. Determining your parking position and being in control of your steering wheel are two other vital tips to ensure that you do not end up rushing or losing control of your vehicle.

These were a few ways to help you parallel park your vehicle in crowded places. Practise these steps, prevent the risk of damage to your vehicle, and learn to park it safely without creating chaos for fellow vehicles. And while we protect our vehicles against any damage, it is also crucial that you understand the significance of purchasing the best motor insurance India to safeguard your car against mishaps and avoid any monetary stress in case of a damage. Buy the best motor insurance India that compensates for the complete repair and maintenance of your car.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.