Here's all you need to know about dry eye syndrome and the way to prevent it

Here's all you need to know about dry eye syndrome and the way to prevent it  25th January 2023

Do you ever feel like your eyes are burning, have redness, sting, or blurred vision, especially when reading? You might have dry eye syndrome.

A healthy tear film for the human eye is extremely important to retain good vision. People with dry eyes are unable to maintain a healthy coating of tears. This medical condition can hinder your day-to-day activities if not addressed in time. Here, you can learn about dry eyes, including symptoms, causes, prevention, and more.

What is dry eye syndrome?

Human eyes require a tear film to coat them, as it keeps the eye's surface clear and smooth and maintains good vision. When the eyes hardly produce tears, they are more likely to develop dry eyes. People suffering from dry eye syndrome cannot maintain a normal layer of tears to coat their eyes. This syndrome can also cause bacterial infections and a scar on the cornea.

Symptoms of dry eyes syndrome.

The most common symptoms of dry eye syndrome include pain, redness, and burning in the eyes. However, some people may experience other symptoms such as blurry vision, water tearing, eyes getting tired more quickly than usual, stringy mucus, and the feeling of having sand in their eyes. People with this syndrome often have difficulty sitting at a computer or reading a book for a long period.

Learning the signs of dry eye syndrome allows you to check whether you or someone around you has this medical condition. Get medical treatment if you find any symptoms of dry eyes syndrome.

What causes dry eyes syndrome?

Anyone, regardless of gender and race, can develop dry eye syndrome. However, older people are more prone to this eye condition. Also, women who have gone through menopause are at higher risk for this condition. Other causes include:

● Using contact lenses for a long time

● Being in the wind

● Breathing smoke

● Being in a very dry environment

Some medical conditions include rheumatoid arthritis and thyroid disease can also cause dry eye. You may also develop dry eye syndrome if you take sleeping pills, cold medicines, diuretics, heartburn medicines, antidepressants, or beta-blockers. Get your eye tested to avoid dry eye syndrome. It would also help you renew your health insurance online and enjoy no-claim benefits.

How to prevent dry eye syndrome?

You can prevent this eye condition by following these tips:

● Stay away from warm or dry rooms. If you use a heater or radiator in winter, ensure the required moisture in the room

● Avoid using hair dryers as much as possible

● Use artificial tear ointment before bed if you have dry, scratchy eyes in the morning

● Wear glasses to protect your eyes from the drying wind

● Consult your eye doctor about adding omega-3 fatty acids from foods like seafood to your diet

● Renew health insurance online to save money on doctor consultations and eye treatment expenses

What are the treatments available for dry eye syndrome?

Generally, people visit an ophthalmologist to diagnose their eyes for dry eye syndrome. They conduct various tests and provide different treatments. Some treatments include lacrimal plugs, artificial tears, medication, LipiFlow, surgery, and home care.

Dry eyes don't cause permanent vision loss. However, you should see a doctor if you suspect you are developing dry eyes, which can impair your vision. Follow prevention tips to reduce the risk of dry eyes. Make it a habit to wash your eyes regularly and indulge in quick exercise sessions to offer relief to the eyes. Renew your health insurance online to cover the expense of your other medical bills.

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