Here’s how gear transmission impacts the car insurance premium

Here’s how gear transmission impacts the car insurance premium  27th March 2023

One of the most significant decisions an individual makes while buying a car is the kind of gear transmission. This confusion between opting for an automatic or manual transmission is valid, as both have their list of advantages. But did you know this decision also predominantly affects the premium you pay for your motor insurance? Car insurance is an important factor when deciding on a vehicle. Here is some crucial information about car insurance before considering the type of transmission to buy.

Automatic transmission v/s Manual transmission
First and foremost, knowing the difference between automatic and manual cars is essential. Manual cars require more driver input than automatic cars. Manual cars have five to six gears and one reverse gear, which the driver must manually operate with a gear stick and clutch. This is to enable the car to move forward or backward.

Under normal driving conditions, a car with automatic transmission requires little to no driver input to change its gears equipped with the ever-evolving ECU (Electronic Control Unit). It is a smooth and enjoyable experience.

Some people prefer manual cars as they are more fuel-effective and cheaper, giving the driver a budget-friendly output. But these days, with the growing traffic and difficulty in driving, many individuals have started preferring automatic transmission cars.

Another factor to consider when weighing the pros and cons of the matter is that the insurance premium of an automatic car is slightly higher than a manual car premium. However, car premiums are affected by several other factors as well.

1. Complexity in structure
While manual transmission requires changing the gears by operating the gear stick, the automatic transmission uses an ECU. The ECU changes the gears intelligently using fluid pressure. This greatly simplifies the process of driving but complicates the gearbox. Since the repair and replacement cost of the transmission components is relatively high, the car premium is also higher. Therefore, the complexity of the gearbox is one of many factors affecting car premiums.

2. Location
People in metropolitan cities generally prefer automatic cars over manual cars, but manual transmission cars are a top choice in smaller towns.

Also, there were more cases of theft and accidents in larger cities. This affects car insurance premiums, as an automatic car would require more premium in a bigger city than in a smaller city, owing to the high risk of accidents and theft.

3. Cost of the car
The price of the vehicle and its components directly affects the insurance premium. As automatic cars are more costly in the market than manual car transmission options, it is reflected in the premium for your car insurance.

4. Factoring the model, age, and brand

The car's manufacturer, model, and features also count when deciding on the premium. Luxury cars' premiums will undoubtedly cost more than regular cars. Also, you may spot a difference in the car premium based on the multiple automatic variants of the cars. You need to acquaint yourself with the right knowledge while purchasing car insurance.

Once the decision of the type of gearbox is finalised, you can quickly proceed to plan your car insurance. One way to look at all options is to look at comprehensive car insurance online. Browse through various sites, compare policies, and find multiple offers. Purchase car insurance that fits your requirements and budget. Don't make any decisions in a hurry. Do proper research and then invest in the best.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.