Here's how you can fix the chain slipping problem in your bike

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Here's how you can fix the chain slipping problem in your bike  29th March 2022


The chain on the motorcycle is one of the essential parts that helps its swift motion. A loose or malfunctioning chain would restrict the vehicle's movement. Regular maintenance and oiling are a few ways to ensure that the chain on your bike is working correctly. However, even after proper upkeep, we often encounter situations when the chain is loose. One of the main reasons for loose chains is untightened bolts. Other reasons can be a worn-down chain, mismatched teeth alignment, or the wrong sized chain.

Loose chains can have hazardous consequences. You can lose control of your bike, which can be threatening, especially on a busy road. Chain breakage can hurt the biker's leg and cause injuries. It can also get caught between the wheels and cause an abrupt stop, leading to the bike toppling over.

In this article, we will discuss a few ways to avoid the constant slipping of the chains.

1. Fixing new chains:
Brand new chains tend to stretch a little. The interlinking joints wear into each other gradually. It is advisable to ride at least fifty kilometres to loosen up the new chain a bit. Since the quality of chains can vary depending on the company and the metal, riding for long distances allows the new chain to adjust and get to the optimum stretch. Once you feel like the chains have loosened up a little, you can tighten them. After this initial step, you would not need to worry about the chains for some time.

2. Tightening the bolts:
Sometimes the bolts are not tight enough or become loose over time. Talk to a mechanic and understand how much the bolts need to be tightened to keep the chain in place and prevent it from slipping away.
If you are someone who goes off-roading and manoeuvers through treacherous tracks, then this tip might be helpful to you. The constant jerks and tension that your bike goes through can also lead to the loosening of the bolts. Using a lock nut can help prevent these bolts from loosening.

3. Replacing the sprockets:
If you notice that the teeth on your chains have been worn down, you must replace them. Even if only one tooth has been affected, it can cause damage to the others as well. So timely replacement of the sprockets is vital to ensure that your chain lasts longer.

4. Changing the chain:
Over time the chains experience considerable wear and tear and can have almost no functionality. This will require you to make changes and alterations to the chain constantly. If you face this problem frequently, it is high time to consider changing the chain altogether.

These are a few ways to ensure your chain is working correctly. Chain lubrication is another way to ensure your chain lasts longer and remains intact in its position. A well-functioning chain is vital to the overall health of the bike.

Worn-out chains can cause severe accidents and be dangerous for yourself and others on the road. Broken chains can impact your bike's performance. To safeguard yourself against repair expenses, you must look into bike insurance online. With the ease of technology, now you can browse through multiple options and make hassle-free investments in the best bike insurance that satisfies your requirements. By buying bike insurance online, you get an additional advantage of instant service and a reasonable premium by eliminating intermediaries.

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