Here's how you can personalise two wheeler insurance

Here's how you can personalise two-wheeler insurance  30th June 2022

If you enjoy riding your motorbike and spend time getting it customised with modifications and accessories, this blog is for you. Personalisation is now becoming the backbone of many industries. People want things they consume or use to be altered to cater to their tastes. And a little personal touch makes the consumers feel cared for and appreciated to be loyal to a company or a brand. Did you know that you can now personalise your two-wheeler insurance?

You can alter and add several benefits according to your requirements to your two-wheeler insurance. Curious about how you can get additional benefits that would satisfy your necessities? This blog will discuss all the information about insurance policies and how you can adjust them a little to fit your interests.

While we would be talking about how personalisation is a part of insurance, you must remember that this can only occur if you have valid insurance to drive around your bike. Do make sure that you have legitimate and valid two-wheeler insurance.

So, here's how you can personalise two-wheeler insurance.

1. There are various types of insurance covers:

Various insurance covers here include comprehensive insurance cover, third-party cover, additional riders, etc. Under comprehensive insurance cover, you get benefits that would protect you against all damages caused to your vehicle, third-party property, or person. It provides you with full coverage. Due to the extravagant benefits, comprehensive insurance is costlier than a third-party cover.
The third-party cover is a compulsory policy that protects the policyholder against any damage or risk to third party-persons or property. This cover is limited to damage caused only to the third party by your vehicle. And it is mandatory for everyone who has bike insurance. The limitations of the third-party cover are solved by comprehensive coverage insurance. You can opt for an additional rider cover as a part of your insurance benefits. In doing so, you will be required to pay an extra amount or a premium. The details of the additional riders can be included during the registration and the beginning of the insurance policy coverage of the primary policyholder. You can also have the extra rider cover during the whole renewal procedure of your two-wheeler insurance. These riders will be eligible to get similar benefits as the primary policyholder. They will receive emergency or round-the-clock roadside assistance from the insurance company.
This assistance and the additional riders cover any loss or damage caused or if your bike got towed or in case of any repairs. The various issues this extra rider's insurance cover would easily handle are duplicating keys and the related problems like changing the tyre, and empty fuel tank, among many other benefits.

2. Protecting your engine:

The engine protection insurance covers you in case of engine damage, gearbox issues or damage, leakage of the lubricant, heating up of the engine, engine failure, and much more.

3. EMI protection option:

Some other benefits include EMI protection, where in case of any damages, the designated insurance company will pay for the EMIs of the two-wheeler as directed in the EMI bike insurance and protection cover. This will apply only if the service centres or the garages are certified and approved.

Other benefits or additional riders include coverage for vehicle-related expenditures like motor vehicle oil, coolants, refrigerants, nuts, screws, etc. Then there is a pillion rider's cover to protect the rider with you against any accidents and body injuries. This insurance add-on benefit also covers any medical costs incurred during accidents for the pillion rider.

So, here's how you can personalise two-wheeler insurance. There are several options to buy the best two wheeler insurance India and customise it your way. Reap the benefits of hassle-free insurance claims and valuable financial support during an emergency.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.