Here's the list of seven surprisingly strange things that can be covered by home insurance

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Here's the list of seven surprisingly strange things that can be covered by home insurance  29th March 2022


We all know the importance of investing in home insurance. It covers the cost of repair work and modifications in case of damages. However, there are various aspects of home insurance that you might not be aware of.

Let's look at some surprisingly strange things that might be covered under your home insurance.

1. Space debris:
Damage to your property caused by meteors, airplanes, rockets, satellites, etc., is covered under home insurance. The risk from these is listed as environmental hazards. Space debris includes both man-made things and naturally occurring objects.
Any damage caused by this debris to the structure and the homeowners' belongings is covered under home insurance. If you get injured on the premises of your house, the insurer is liable to provide you cover for all the medical expenses you incurred during your treatment.

2. Damage from plane and vehicle crash:
A plane crash in housing areas can lead to severe property damage and injuries. Other instances of crashes are when cars swerve off-road and crash into the house. Damages and injuries resulting from these crashes are also covered under the home insurance policy.
Under these circumstances, the party that caused the crash is liable to make monetary compensations for the damages incurred. If, however, their payout is limited, then your insurer steps in and pays for the rest of the expenses.

3. Damage due to civil disorder:
Any explosion, bombing, etc., arising from civil commotion can lead to property damage and vandalism. These situations lead to severe expenses and maintenance work due to heavy destruction. Property damage arising from fire, broken windows, etc., are also a few instances. If you are unable to reside inside your home due to these conditions, your insurer will cover additional living expenses such as hotel bills, meals, etc.

4. Floods and other natural disasters:
Due to increasing global warming, there has been a severe increase in natural disasters. Any damage incurred during these disasters is also covered under home insurance. Note that most insurers do not cover these, so look for insurance policies that include these factors.

5. Upgrades:
Any upgrades or modifications made due to new regulations from the local government are covered under home insurance. Opting for ordinance coverage is an excellent way to ensure that your insurer handles these expenses. Under this feature, the insurance company is liable to pay you the cost of overhauling a home or building to comply with the up-to-date building codes.

6. Identity theft:
Identity theft is a massive problem across the globe, and many fraudulent activities occur because of this. Insurance providers cover the cost of all the expenses, from legal fees to the reapplication of loans.

Insurance providers are there to help and support you in case of emergencies and other mishaps. Spending ample time on research and reading through the policy papers to ensure that you are choosing the best home insurance will help you in the long run.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.