Home insurance is a must for you if you are a jewellery enthusiast

Home insurance is a must for you if you are a jewellery enthusiast  25th January 2023

Are you fascinated with the ever-changing and beautiful jewellery designs that keep coming every second day in the fancy showrooms, and go and buy a lot of them? If yes, you must buy a good home insurance policy as soon as possible and safeguard your treasure against any perils.

As you might be stacking a lot of that jewellery in your home cupboards, the policy will protect your home and your most valuable possession.

In this article, let us discuss how home insurance can help protect your jewellery.

1. Go for a comprehensive home insurance policy:

A comprehensive home insurance policy provides umbrella insurance coverage to your house, its contents, or both. Hence, opt for a comprehensive home insurance policy that will protect you and your precious jewellery if ever your home is looted. Even if your house is damaged or destroyed due to natural calamities such as floods, fire, or earthquake, this policy will reimburse you for your house and its contents, including your jewellery. The policy also protects other valuables, such as expensive art pieces, antiques, etc.

2. Insurance valuation services:
A home insurance policy provides protection and coverage for your expensive jewellery after proper inspection and valuation. The insurance company provides accurate valuations of your jewellery, including gold, silver, or diamond ornaments and gold and silver coins.
An insurer covering jewellery expects you to take proper precautionary measures at your house to prevent it from being stolen or getting damaged. Although the size of the jewellery may be minuscule, its value could be in lakhs and even crores. There should be no scope for wrong valuation and interpretation issues between you and the insurance company when a mishap occurs. You expect a swift resolution from the insurance company, for which there should be no room for confusion.

3. Premium amount:
The premium amount varies with the amount of insurance coverage you are seeking. This will depend upon the valuation of your jewellery from a certified valuer of the insurance company. Also, insurance companies now cover up to 100% cost of your jewellery and charge you premium accordingly.
You should compare the premium amount of standalone jewellery insurance with comprehensive house insurance. Also, check the policies of several insurance companies, compare the premium amount of their respective coverage and choose the best among them.

4. Exclusions:
You should also be aware of the few exclusions in your home insurance policy that will not provide coverage for your jewellery.
Wilful negligence –
An insurer will not process your claim for jewellery that has been wilfully mishandled or recklessly handled and damaged by you.
Sale and replacement –
The insurance company will not cover jewellery sold and replaced by a new one. The insurance policy does not automatically apply to a new piece of jewellery. You will have to inform the insurer first, get it valued and complete the required formalities for taking coverage.
Non-payment of premium –
Your home insurance policy will cease to protect your jewellery in the event of non-payment of the due premium by you against the insurance policy.

Jewellery is a great investment for most of us. It is expensive and has good resale value as well. Moreover, there are a lot of emotions attached to them, if they are a part of our family heirloom or have been purchased by us for our dear ones on some special occasion. Hence, it is essential for you to buy home insurance and get them insured.

You should compare the policies and premiums of several home insurance policies and opt for the best home insurance in India. Going for the best will keep you stress free, and you will be assured of the safety of your house and its contents at any point of day or night.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.