How Magma HDI liability insurance makes you a responsible citizen?  18th Jun 2019

It is hard to name a single businessman who hasn’t taken risks, but you will know many brave ones who trusted luck and risked everything. Truth be told, as a responsible business owner and citizen, one needs to be prepared with and Magma HDI Genaral Insurance Company offers a wide range of liability insurance policies that give you

1. Compensation for damage/loss of property or human injury

2. Covers your legal liabilities towards damage to any third party, along with the legal costs and expenses incurred by the insured.

3. It applies to both industrial and non-industrial establishments.

4. Compensation for damage/loss of property or a human injury caused due to defects in product manufacturing

5. Even after ensuring the highest quality standards and assessment parameters, a manufacturing defect in products is still possible and can cause mishaps.In such instances, Magma HDI Liability Insurance covers the liability to a third party.

6. Compensation for damage caused due to human negligence

Be it any professional– doctor, engineer or lawyer – involuntary errors and omissions could seriously impact their customers’ health, well-being, or financial stature. Liability insurance will take care of any liabilities that may arise due to negligence while executing your responsibilities.

Smart and trusted businesses quickly compensates loss or damage that might occur during the regular course of business as they are backed by their Liability Insurance policies and so can you Click here for buying Magma HDI’s liability insurance Policy.