How are telematics solutions impacting the motor insurance industry

How are telematics solutions impacting the motor insurance industry  30th November 2022

Technology has significantly advanced in recent years, with almost all businesses, including the auto and insurance industries, adapting to technology principles to drive better results and more scalability.

While the auto industry has made great strides in autonomous driving, the insurance sector has also started to offer motor insurance plans that charge customised premiums using various telematics systems. After being extensively available in many nations worldwide, these insurance policies have recently become popular in India.

What impact does telematics have on the motor insurance sector?

Telematics, once a specialised element, is now permeating the mainstream of the car and insurance industries. A growing number of motor insurers have started to give customers the choice of usage-based insurance with telematics.

The automobile sector is experiencing an acceleration in innovation because of the surprising boost of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI), which are creating new opportunities to enhance customer experiences. Telematics-powered usage-based insurance (UBI) is a key component of this push toward digitalisation.

How does it work?

GPS and other technologies are used by telematics to track user driving through a gadget put in the car or a mobile app. You might reduce your rate by driving more safely with telematics or GPS box insurance.

The telematics model initially gained popularity in the auto insurance industry because of its capacity to monitor vehicle usage using devices that can be operated using smartphones. Usage Based Insurance (UBI), a recent development among auto insurers, offers four distinct types based on driving behaviour:

● Pay As You Drive

● Pay How You Drive

● Control Your Drive

● Distance-based insurance

How is the cost of insurance determined using telematics?

Traditionally, the type of your car is one of the factors considered when determining the rate for your motor insurance policy. As a result, if two people own the same make and model of car, their insurance premiums will probably be similar. But what if one of the two drivers is a more sensible and responsible driver? Should they still be subject to the same premiums?

A usage-based or telematics-based auto insurance coverage can be useful in this situation. In a usage-based auto insurance policy, the insurance providers use various telematics tools and connect them to the vehicle's GPS. They can monitor the drivers' driving behaviour and reward them with benefits. The device tracks your car's mileage, average speed, gasoline consumption, fuel economy, and driving safety.

The gathered information is sent to your insurer over the cellular network. Your insurance premium is determined after the insurance provider analyses the data it has received. Your motor insurance premiums will be lower if you drive safely or do not use your car frequently.

Insurers can use telematic devices to gain information about a customer's driving habits because they capture real-time data. As telematics devices need to be added to or retrofitted into cars and data needs to be collected and kept, this raises data privacy issues. Before being subjected to extensive analysis to produce actionable insights, data is frequently shared with several parties.

Benefits of telematics insurance:
Telematics in auto insurance may significantly reduce friction throughout the insurance supply chain, particularly underwriting, customer service, and claims management. One potential result from telematics as a whole is a considerably closer bond with insurers and the consumer base that boosts customer loyalty.

How is telematics transforming the future of motor insurance?
Every business, from the car to aviation, has embraced technology to create cutting-edge products that will win over customers. Like other businesses, the insurance sector has begun integrating modern technologies into its daily operations to make it simpler for customers to access and purchase policies.

Speaking of the motor insurance industry, it has seen a significant transition recently. Technology has significantly impacted this sector, from IoT telematics-based premium computation to new insurance products. The change will be evident soon and will reap exceptional outcomes.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.