How can general insurance be a crucial step to women's independence and financial freedom

How can general insurance be a crucial step to women's independence and financial freedom  19th July 2022

Recent years have seen a rising number of women actively contributing in every sector. Whether police services, office-goers, or cab drivers, women are stepping out of their homes to build a future for themselves. Even with the ever-growing numbers of women workers, only fifty percent of women invest in general insurance as opposed to seventy-two percent of their male counterparts.

Why are the numbers so different? Although there has been a progressive shift in women's lives, general insurance was conventionally associated with the household males. During the earlier days, men were the sole breadwinners of the household and handled all monetary transactions. So, it was usually considered the males' responsibility to ensure that the family remained financially covered. This lifestyle trend has not been seen as evident as the societal change that women have faced.

This article will examine why general insurance is essential for women and how it paves a path to financial freedom.

1. Financial security:
It is important to remember that general insurance is an essential resource for the family. With more women actively contributing financially to their respective households, general insurance becomes an irreplaceable asset. It not only acts as a backbone to the family's financial stability but also provides tax benefits, adding more value.
In addition, general insurance covers many things, including travel, medical, artificial disasters, theft, etc. Therefore, general insurance is necessary for women to ensure their families' financial security if they become the household's sole breadwinner.

2. Financial independence:
Statistics show that most women, even when earning, depend on their spouses or family for financial knowledge. This is surprising in consideration of the rapid growth of women in all sectors of life. To combat this dependency and to be able to handle their own money, investing in general insurance is the first step. Taking care of your finances makes you confident and in charge of your own money without having to depend on anyone.
Having your finances sorted at every step will ensure that your children, parents, or spouse can have a comfortable lifestyle, safe and enjoyable vacations with no worries about lost luggage or cancelled flights, or you can visit the best hospitals without worrying about the bills going through the roof. There are so many advantages and benefits to favouring you.

3. Loans and debts:
Most households must rely on loans to pay for their houses, vehicles, and other significant expenses. In case of a mishap, general insurance will be able to help you cover the loss and ensure that you won't fall behind on your loan payments due to the distress of any emergencies.

4. Critical illness benefits:
Certain health conditions are specific to women, such as breast cancer, cervical cancer, etc. With an unhealthy lifestyle and heavy amounts of impurity in the food and drinks one consumes, these diseases have become a part of one in eight urban women populations. Comprehensive health insurance and critical illness protection can help you rest assured in case of such illnesses and cover the cost of the treatment.

These are just some of the many reasons women should invest in a general insurance policy. As mentioned, not only is it an intelligent way to secure your family's future, but it is also a way to ensure your financial liberty. General insurance is imperative to add value to your life and secure financial independence. As a responsible citizen, you should encourage fellow women to invest in general insurance India as the first step to their financial freedom and security. More power to every woman!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.