How can non-functional traffic lights affect your journey during the night

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How can non-functional traffic lights affect your journey during the night  29th March 2022


Traffic signals are an essential part of road safety. These signals are installed at intersections and busy roads to help control the movement of vehicles and avoid unnecessary congestion. They are exponentially effective during the night time when drivers generally tend to break the rules and cause mayhem on the road, which could lead to severe consequences.

But what happens when the traffic lights stop working? How can non-functional lights affect your journey during the night? By the end of this blog, you will understand the importance of traffic lights and how the situation could go haywire in their absence.

1. Risk of collisions:
At non-functional traffic lights, vehicles generally don’t stop or slow down, which usually leads to severe accidental consequences. This can put the safety of cars, drivers, passengers, and pedestrians in grave danger.

2. An increasing number of accidents:
Many underage drivers tend to drive fast and avoid maintaining the rules, which poses a massive threat to other vehicles on the road. And in the absence of traffic lights, this situation can get out of control. Speeding at unmanaged intersections invites potential safety hazards and can wreck many lives, thus increasing the number of casualties.

3. Massive traffic handling issues:
Traffic lights don't just avoid accidents; they also help handle the traffic emerging from all directions. The drivers who avoid waiting for their turns usually try to ignore the rules. They have to stop at the signals to be in sync with the other vehicles.
But, if the traffic lights are not functioning correctly, they get the liberty to jump signals without any trouble. It can cause considerable stir and chaos and make it challenging to handle the traffic.

4. Slow-moving traffic will be more chaotic:
We all have been stuck in slow-moving traffic. It takes up time and patience. Worse than slow-moving traffic is heavy traffic. It disrupts the movement and creates a jam for longer hours and distances. Traffic lights act as a saviour as it controls the direction of the fleet of vehicles and allows different sections to go first.
In the absence of functional traffic lights, the slow-moving traffic turns into heavy traffic as it will take a long time to clear the clutter. Vehicles have no idea of traffic movement at the defunct traffic signals. Overcrowding of vehicles becomes the cause of headaches for the drivers.

We discussed how the absence of traffic lights would increase the risk of road accidents. Even if the traffic lights are non-functional, we as responsible drivers must take all the necessary precautions from our side while driving a vehicle at night. Always slow down at intersections, give proper indication while making a turn, avoid over-speeding or honking.

Vehicles often get involved in accidents at night due to minor errors at the driver's part at the intersections. Investing in insurance is mandatory and of utmost importance to safeguard your vehicle against damage during unforeseen circumstances. Analyze your requirements, buy insurance from the best motor insurance company in India and always have a safe and protected ride.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.