How can you outsmart pickpockets and stay safe in crowded places

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How can you outsmart pickpockets and stay safe in crowded places  16th September 2022

Crowded places are a feast for pickpockets. They can easily pick our pockets while we move in cramped surroundings such as a busy market amidst the constant crowd nagging of people around us. Pickpockets do this so skillfully and swiftly that we are left unnoticed and outwitted. Losing our wallet can be frustrating, especially when it is loaded with important documents such as the driving licence, Aadhar card, voter id card, and even credit or debit cards. Moreover, the loss of money can be very harsh and painful for most of us.

So how can we deal with such situations? Here are some tips for outwitting pickpockets and staying safe in crowded places.

1. Move your wallet to your front pocket:
Never keep your wallet in the back pocket in crowded surroundings. Pickpockets can easily pick your back pocket, and you will hardly know it amidst the crowd. Therefore, use the front pocket of your trousers to keep your wallet. Outwit the pickpocket by keeping only those articles in the back pocket that are not very valuable.

2. Multiple wallets and pockets:
You can keep two wallets/handbags rather than just one. Keep your valuables and documents in a wallet in your front pocket or a handbag that you can keep close to you. Keep the lesser valuable products in the 2nd wallet in your back pocket. The pickpocket will be outwitted when he finds that he has taken away some useless items from your back pocket while your valuables are safe. Also, you can use multiple pockets in your bag to hide your valuables and divide your risk.

3. Do not show off:
Do not flash your expensive laptop, phone, jewellery, cash, camera, etc., in a crowded public place. Take them out only when it is necessary.

4. Lock your bags:
Carry small locks with you and lock your bag while moving in a crowded place. The pickpocket will not be able to open it in the middle of the crowd, and you will be safe.

5. Hidden pockets:
Nothing better than a hidden pocket in the front of your trousers or jeans. Pickpockets cannot reach there, no matter how much they try. Also, buy goodquality backpacks and purses with multiple hidden pockets and good build quality. The pickpocket will not be able to determine which pocket carries your valuables.

6. Disguise and hide:
Use smart hacks and disguises to outwit the pickpocket. If you need to carry valuable jewellery while going through a crowded place, hide them in your bag inside a small cardboard box. A ring can go inside a matchstick box. You can take a used burger box if you need a bigger box! Moreover, you can use a file folder to hide your laptop.

7. Carry your backpack facing the front:
While going through a crowded area or using local transport, pull the front portion of the backpack with the chain facing the front. This way, the pickpocket cannot open it from behind you.

These were some hacks you can use to outwit a pickpocket in a crowded place. Apart from these, simply go the digital way! Carry minimum possible documents with you in hard copy. Rather, carry them in soft copy format on your phone or laptop.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.