How is AI set to revolutionise the car insurance sector

How is AI set to revolutionise the car insurance sector  28th January 2023

AI has evolved tremendously over recent years, and its impact can be seen in every sector of the economy. The car insurance sector is also touched by AI and is all set to revolutionise it. Data modelling and machine learning applications are changing the insurance process and customer experience. Its role is increasing in car inspection, claim processing, and car insurance renewal.

Let us see how AI is set to revolutionise the car insurance sector in detail.

1. Car Insurance renewal:
Policyholders must upload photos and videos of their cars from all angles on a cloud-based app. No human assistance is required in this process on the insurance company's end because of AI. Computers evaluate the condition of the car, quote the premium amount accordingly and process the renewal.
AI is helping companies to save millions of rupees as their manpower requirement for the insurance renewal process has gone down drastically. Also, it is helping to save a lot of valuable time for companies and customers by making the renewal process swift and streamlined.

2. Claim processing:
AI is also set to revolutionise the processing of claims in the car insurance sector. Currently, claim management and processing are primarily manual. It takes a lot of time and is prone to errors and inefficiencies. This process is known to eat up around 50%-80% of the revenues generated by premiums.
Machines and computers need sufficient learning data and algorithms to master claims processing. AI can be used for initial claims routing, thorough inspection, and assessing the nature of damage and time for repairs. It can save several hours in processing every individual claim.
More importantly, AI can detect fraudulent claims, a major revenue drainer for every insurance company. AI can help to detect out-of-the-ordinary behaviour and claims coming for processing, which sometimes normal eyes can fail to detect. Some AI-based applications are capable of running background checks on customers coming for insurance claims. The insurance company can assess the risks associated with a respective customer or business.

3. Telematics-based insurance plans:
AI has enabled car insurance companies to offer telematics-based insurance plans to their customers. A "Pay-as-you-drive" plan can be used to charge premiums for insurance plans according to the number of kilometres a customer drives over time. AI can also assess driving style and behaviour of the drivers and charge premiums accordingly.
Thus, AI can be a revolutionising tool for "Pay-how-you-drive" plans and help companies to offer sophisticated and need-based plans to their customers. Such plans can help an insurance company to increase its clientele and profitability.

4. Competitive premiums:
AI can be very helpful in tracking the premiums charged by competitors for their car insurance plans in real time. A car insurance provider can accordingly charge a lower premium or offer a better car insurance price in India to the customers and ensure that the do not go away to the competitors.

The adoption of AI by insurers will be an essential criterion for companies to bring down their car insurance price in India. The insurance companies will pass on the savings due to AI to their customers, who will eventually benefit. Companies that do not adopt AI in the near future will be laggards, and competition will take over them.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.