How many car insurance claims can be made every year

How many car insurance claims can be made every year  30th June 2022

Accidents never come with a warning. And in such cases, having car insurance is a considerable relief. Otherwise, you will have to bear all the financial costs and suffer through the stress, which will never help the problem.

It is always advisable that before buying an insurance policy, you should know all the details and information. And to get the complete information, you need to ask all the right questions to your designated insurance provider. This helps you to know about the benefits you can avail and the steps to take in case you get into trouble.

Listing down all these things has us sweating. All these unforeseeable circumstances sound so taxing, don’t they? This blog has all the information you need regarding these crucial questions.

1. The number of insurance claims you can make:

It’s a mix and match. The higher the number of insurance claims you make in a year, your insurance premiums will increase. Most of the time, the number of insurance claims is not limited and mentioned in your car insurance policy. Your “no claim bonus” provided by your designated insurance provider reduces if you file a claim during a year. It is optional, so you are allowed to forfeit it. It would be best if you were mindful of your zero depreciation cover and other add-on benefits, as some insurance provider companies have a limitation on the number of claims in such covers.

2. Is there any particular number:

There is no particular answer to the question, “how many car insurance claims can be made every year.” It ultimately depends on the type of damage, the grade of damage, the type of policy cover you have under the insurance, and your insurance provider’s norms and regulations.
Although, it is advisable to save your insurance claims for damages that would cause you some financial stress. Do not file insurance claims in case of minor damages that bear low costs, and you can easily afford to get it sorted.

3. What happens if you file several claims:

Suppose you end up filing multiple claims. Are you worried about the consequences and what sort of situations might arise regarding your car insurance? We have discussed the no-claim bonus. Your rates will lower if you do not file any claims in a particular insurance period or year. You will have to bid farewell to your no-claim bonus if you file too many claims.
So, it is advised to only file claims if they are way beyond your affordability or more than your no-claim bonus. Filing too many claims will not only make you devoid of no claim bonus but also affect your premium rates which will skyrocket in case of multiple claims. This happens as these claims make you appear on a riskier end for your designated insurers.

Other consequences include the depreciation rate not being taken into account by the insurance company in case of zero percent depreciation coverage. Don’t file a claim if your repair charges are lesser than the deductibles.

That was all about how insurance claims you can make in a year. We hope this blog has provided the best insights. We suggest an essential tip for buying online motor insurance for first-time buyers. As there are plenty of options to explore, you can conveniently purchase a plan that best suits your requirements and budget.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.