How to Care For Your Family’s Mental Health during Quarantine

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How to Care For Your Family’s Mental Health during Quarantine  26th June 2021

As millions of people have learned over the past year, time spent in quarantine can be an absolutely harrowing experience. While your physical health may not be impacted if you’ve not been infected or had a mild version of it, it can have a tangible and perceivable impact on your mental health. Human beings are inherently social animals. We love talking to each other and being in each other’s presence. Our survival depends on the cooperation between other humans and ourselves. So, when we are suddenly reduced to being in the company of nobody but ourselves, surely the effects would be felt.

If you and your family are in quarantine or any of your family members are isolated, here are some ways to support them and take care of their mental health:

Stick to a Timetable –

Even though we know the benefits of having a timetable, we are not used to adhering to these timings. Although many aspects of our lives depend on these routines, it is easy to allow mundane, every day things to get in the way of these schedules. However, the importance of a timetable cannot be understated when you are in quarantine. Having a timetable gives you something to look forward to for the entire period of your isolation. Try to pack your timetable with many fun activities to keep you engaged every day, such as reading, painting, playing an instrument, etc.

Inculcate Physical Activity –

Your physical health has a definite and perceivable impact on your

mental health.

This is why when you build a timetable, it is a good idea to include some kind of physical activity into it. Since you would mostly be confined to a room, make time for some light exercise once or twice a day. This does not need to be high-intensity exercise; just enough to keep your blood circulating and limbs moving. Exercise helps release endorphins, a very important hormone that keeps your mood up throughout the day.

Communicate Frequently –

Being in quarantine means you cannot step out of the house. Kids cannot go out to play, and you cannot go out for work or even to meet your friends and relatives. However, not being able to meet others in person doesn’t mean you cannot communicate with them. Make sure to call your loved ones frequently over video calls as well as phone calls. Quarantine can often make one feel like the distances between people are increasing. Relationships can be brought closer together simply through regular online interactions.

Limit Consumption of News –

News today is full of distressing stories of people getting infected, suffering, and losing the battle with the pandemic. Following the news closely for extended periods, especially if there are kids in the house, can be a bad idea. Negative news tends to make one feel morose and drastically reduces productivity. It is important to have an atmosphere of positivity in the house, especially during these days. One simple step is to reduce the amount of time spent watching or reading the news, and only follow it on your personal device. Let communal devices such as the television be for entertainment with the family.

Along with the above steps, to maintain your mental health, it is important to guard yourself against the virus. It would be wise to buy health insurance online to ensure that you have additional cover in case the virus enters your bubble.