How to deal with motorcycle wobble when riding at high speeds

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How to deal with motorcycle wobble when riding at high speeds  12th September 2022

Research states that over one third of vehicles on the road are motorcycles. Found to be cost-effective, easy to ride, and convenient, motorcycles are used extensively in rural and urban areas. They can tackle rough roads and get you to your destination while skillfully getting you out of traffic.

While motorcycles have a significant user base in India, they also have their fair share of problems. The lack of safety is a primary concern with these vehicles. Riding at high speeds on under-maintained roads in a country where traffic rules are not strictly followed has resulted in hundreds of road accidents daily.

This alarming information should be enough to prompt you to purchase online motor insurance if you do not have one already. It is necessary to have insurance to cover any possible losses from damages to you, your vehicle, and third-party property.

While online motor insurance can protect your post-accident damages, here's a quick guide to prevent and tackle motorcycle wobbling when riding at high speeds.

What causes motor cycling wobbling?
Your motorcycle can wobble due to many reasons, even when not at high speed.
1. Defective tyres – Ensure you evaluate the tyres' pressure and build before taking your motorcycle for a ride.
2. Worn equipment – Motorcycles used at the wrong tyre pressures or overused bearings that are worn out are potential causes for wobbling. You must check the parts of your motorcycle and ensure that they are in perfect condition to facilitate long-running and prevent mishaps.
3. Irregular road surface – A sudden change in the road surface in the form of an irregularity such as a pothole while in acceleration is likely to cause your handlebar to shake.
4. Rapid acceleration – If you consecutively accelerate the bike, it cannot keep up with the rapidly changing speed and may wobble violently.
5. Instant slowing – You may also experience shimmying while decelerating from a high speed. This is caused due to the instantaneous changes in speed.

What you shouldn't do when your handlebar wobbles?
If you feel a slight shimmy and are sure it is not due to any motorcycle defect, do not grip harder onto the bar to stabilise it. Continue holding on in the same way and allow it to adjust to the surface. Do not let your eyes stay on the road beneath. Instead, look straight and assess the road ahead and the vehicles around to keep yourself at a safe distance from others.

Tips to ease out the wobble safely:
Assessing the situation is key in such a situation. If it is a well-maintained motorcycle on an irregular patch of road, do not worry. Do not tighten your grip on the handle and allow your bike to balance itself on the surface. The wobble, in this case, would be slight and can be easily overcome by the motorcycle in a few seconds.

If it is a motorcycle issue, the wobble will be much stronger. In such a case, here are some tips for riding out the wobble:
1. Slowly engage the rear brakes – At no cost should you use the front brakes, which will cause an accident. With applying rear brakes, your bike may wobble more at first, but it will slow down.
2. Lean forward – While it may not solve the problem alone, it increases resistance and may help slow down your bike.

These are the only ways to slow down your vehicle. Assess your possible options based on the road ahead. If there is a greater obstacle that your motorcycle is bound to crash into, it is best to abandon the vehicle. Your online motor insurance can cover any damages to your bike. However, if the road ahead is straight, keep your calm and engage the rear brakes slowly. You will eventually be able to decelerate and get out of the wobble and regain control.

While bikes are convenient vehicles, we strongly recommend riding motorcycles at acceptable speeds where you can easily control them to prevent mishaps. Online motor insurance is a must that can prevent any potential financial burden and have your back during emergencies.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.