How to ensure maximum visibility by adjusting your car mirrors efficiently

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How to ensure maximum visibility by adjusting your car mirrors efficiently  29th January 2022


Driving is a predominantly visual activity. Only learning the controls of the car is not enough. Good visualisation is one of the essential skills to develop when driving a car. Although you must concentrate on the road ahead, it is crucial to have a clear view of the sides and back of the car as well. Adjusting the side and rearview mirrors is vital to ensure a well-rounded view while driving.

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All cars have blind spots; therefore, adjusting your rearview and side mirrors to the optimum can ensure maximum visibility and safety on the road. In this article, we tell you how to use your car mirrors efficiently and avoid the chances of accidents while driving.

1. Rearview mirror:
The rearview mirror, positioned next to the driver’s seat slightly above their eye level, is used to see the road behind and if any cars are approaching. The driver must adjust the rearview as per their height and comfort as soon as they get into the driver’s seat.
To adjust the angle of the mirror, sit up straight in a comfortable position, hold your head still, look into the rearview and shift it until the back or rear window is entirely visible in the mirror. Do this to avoid any blind spots. If more than one person is driving the same car, make sure to check the rearview mirror every time you get into the driving seat and readjust it to the best angle, in case it has been shifted as per another driver’s comfort.
When driving at night, flip the tab at the bottom of the rearview mirror that helps dim the light reflected by the headlights of the cars approaching behind you that may strain or blind you. In addition, some advanced car models enter and exit night mode to aid your visualisation.

2. Side mirrors:
Every car has a single side mirror on the left and right sides of the vehicle, respectively. As they are located outside of the car, it can be difficult to manoeuver them from inside. While many modern car models have levers or buttons that help adjust the side mirrors from the inside, some of them may not.
If your car does not have a lever or buttons to adjust the side mirrors, make sure to do so manually, right after you adjust the rearview mirror. Sit upright in the driver’s seat, first glance to one side, and adjust that mirror to an angle that helps reflect the side of the road. Shift it to a wide angle to get a comprehensive view of the side of the road. Repeat the same method for the mirror on the other side. If you have a lever or button inside the car, angle the side mirrors using it. The side mirror should provide a wide sideways view in just a simple glance.
The pro tip is to adjust the side mirrors to an angle that allows you to see right from the side of the road to the very back, including the approaching car, to maintain a safe distance.

Following these few tips to adjust the car mirrors can vastly improve your visualisation and assist you considerably while driving. It leaves very little room for errors or accidents. Apart from angling the mirrors, you must also check the wheel alignment, tyre pressure, oil levels, acceleration, and brake control to ensure safety before hitting the road.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.