How to improve the fuel efficiency of your car

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How to improve the fuel efficiency of your car  25th February 2021


No matter how much we stress about the rising fuel prices, there isn't much we can do about them. Then how do we ensure we use our vehicle efficiently and stay stress-free about the condition of our car? Moreover, how do we compensate for the fuel prices we pay?

Do you know regular maintenance of your vehicle can save you up to thirty per cent of fuel consumption? And yet, a lot of car owners slack off on taking care of their vehicles. Some don't go for regular servicing, and others use cheap spare parts and end up damaging their car.

This blog is your guide on improving the fuel efficiency of your car. We will discuss various ways to attain maximum efficiency without widening the hole in your pocket created by the increasing petrol and diesel prices.

1. Avoid leaving the vehicle idle:
Leaving your vehicle in an idle state at traffic signals consumes almost a gallon of fuel and increases your carbon footprint by releasing unnecessary carbon dioxide into the air. Instead of leaving your car in an idle state, restart as per your necessity. This saves a lot of fuel and minimises carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

2. Warm-up:
Slowly and effectively heating your car's engine is a better choice than revving it. Unnecessary pressure will decrease the efficiency of your engine, and it will consume more fuel for power generation. After starting your vehicle, wait for thirty seconds to allow the engine to warm up properly at its own pace.

3. Say no to heavy braking:
Reduce the use of throttle and avoid applying unnecessary heavy brakes. This saves your vehicle from the possibility of wear and tear and decreases fuel wastage by almost thirty per cent, thus improving your car's fuel efficiency.

4. Don't rev your car:
Revving your engine causes wastage of fuel. It flushes down all the oil from the cylinder walls. The absence of oil could worsen the next time you start up your car. This will put pressure on the engine and result in excessive fuel consumption.

5. Multiple errands:
Planning your trip according to your errands can efficiently help you utilise the fuel. You can combine and run multiple errands and reduce the number of trips.

6. Alignment:
Check the alignment of the chassis parts and suspension. If the wheels are bent, or if there are broken springs, the drivetrain drag of your car will increase, resulting in increased fuel consumption. Defective parts and misalignment can also put your safety in danger and amplify the risks of accidents.

That's a wrap on how to improve your car's fuel efficiency. Using these tips, you can ensure maximum and optimum utilisation of the petrol and diesel you put in your vehicle. While fuel efficiency is an essential aspect of owning a car, ensuring your car's security is equally important. Invest in car insurance and protect your vehicle from any unfortunate incidents. To purchase insurance, explore the market, and browse through multiple deals to ensure that you get the best car insurance price in India.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.