How to maintain a clean riding record, and how does it impact your two wheeler insurance

How to maintain a clean riding record, and how does it impact your two wheeler insurance  29th December 2022

For every two-wheeler owner, it is imperative to know various driving and traffic rules and regulations that prevail in the country. One of the most important rules of riding a two-wheeler here is the mandate of having 2 wheeler insurance. However, just having two-wheeler insurance is not enough. You also need to maintain a clean riding record. Your insurance will not be affected when you have a clean riding record.

This article is for you if you are unaware of a clean riding record and how it impacts your insurance.

What is a clean riding record?

A clean riding record, in simple words, looks at all aspects of your two-wheeler. It considers how you drive, the accidents you've encountered, broken rules or any challans you received, and so on.
It provides the whole history of your two-wheeler. The official statement includes all the details of your vehicle and directly affects your 2 wheeler insurance as well. When your insurance premium is calculated, the accidents, traffic violations, and challans are considered part of your riding record.

How does it affect your two wheeler insurance?

Many factors are taken into account while calculating your 2 wheeler insurance. These are:

● History of claim

● Model of vehicle

● Location of your vehicle

● Riding record

● Type of Plan

● Year of two-wheeler manufacturing

Riders with a clean record will likely be blessed with the best insurance plans and discounted premiums. This may not be the case for others.

Factors affecting riding record.

1. Late payment of challans:
This directly shows your laid-back attitude and procrastination. It is advised not to violate traffic rules and get a challan. If you do, you should try to pay the fees for the same on time.

2. Accidents:
This is the most dangerous thing to affect your riding record. Your negligence or carelessness during driving can cause accidents and reflect badly on your profile.

3. Violation of traffic rules:
If you violate any traffic rules, it will reflect significantly on your riding record. It can involve over-speeding, overtaking, jumping traffic signals, etc. It is recommended to follow all traffic rules to eliminate the risks of accidents.

4. Intoxication:
If you've been caught riding your two-wheeler while drunk or under the influence of other intoxicants, your riding record can be tainted forever. It is advisable to avoid drinking and driving to remain safe on the roads.

How to maintain a good riding record?

You must maintain a clean riding record to claim your 2 wheeler insurance without any hassles. The steps are

1. Ride safely:
You must be responsible on the road and avoid riding recklessly. You should be respectful of everyone on the road and keep them safe.

2. Follow traffic rules:
It is advisable to follow all the traffic rules and regulations without fail. You should not over-speed or jump traffic lights. Avoid parking your vehicle in no-parking zones.

3. Pay penalties:
If you break any traffic rule by mistake and receive a challan in your name, immediately pay the fees. Do not wait till the last day.

Being safe on the road and maintaining a clean driving record is always advisable to avoid any mess up with your insurance claims. Make a smart move, follow the aforementioned steps, and reward yourself with a clean riding record and the seamless benefits of 2 wheeler insurance.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.