How to prepare yourself before heading for an off-road bike trip

How to prepare yourself before heading for an off-road bike trip  29th September 2022

An off-road bike trip is a common wish on the bucket list of most adventure enthusiasts. The thrill of taking challenging terrains while watching picturesque scenery go by is unparalleled. Especially in a country like India, with rugged roads that aren't accessible by car, two-wheelers are the best option to explore the extreme interiors. However, planning for an off-roading trip is not to be taken lightly. It involves strategic decision-making regarding routes, your health, and safety.

While there are plenty of decisions to make while planning an off-road bike trip, the first should always be your and your bike's safety, and the best way to do so is by purchasing two wheeler insurance India.

Here are six tips to prepare yourself for your upcoming off-roading adventure!

1. Find the right bike for the trip:
To take on an adventure like off-roading, finding a bike that is the perfect fit for you is essential. While comfort is necessary, also look for a safe bike that is well-maintained to ensure it does not break down on the road. Check if any repairs or maintenance need to be done on components like the handlebar, seat, headlights, etc.

2. Get appropriate safety gear:
When we think of off-roading, we do not picture people wearing safety equipment. However, it is a rookie mistake not to go well-prepared. Safety is of utmost importance, not style. Get yourself a full-face helmet and knee and elbow guards. Also, try to keep your clothes form-fitting to minimise disturbance and discomfort. Ideally, look for riding pants, ankle boots, and a riding jacket, which are made for long rides. Always invest in your safety, and you'll surely get amazing results.

3. Insure your bike:
While the above-stated safety gear can protect you from injuries, two wheeler insurance is necessary for long-riding trips. It covers any possible financial losses due to accidents, thefts, or third-party damage. Two wheeler insurance India is mandatory even on regular roads. Still, it becomes essential for undertaking off-roading trips and provides a blanket of safety to cover your expenses in case of damage to your bike during the trip.

4. Pack appropriately:
What you pack depends highly on your destination, but wherever you may be headed, pack light. Do not try to pack everything you may need during the trip, as it's bound to weigh you down.
Keep it simple and carry disposables to throw away once you're done using them. For essentials like must-carry electronics, take the simplest versions, a few clothes, and crucial medicines. Prioritising items is necessary when packing for a road trip on your bike.

5. Make arrangements for self-sufficiency:
When planning for a road trip, you must be aware of the troubles you may encounter. You may face problems like not having access to food, water, or electricity. Be prepared with supplies or arrangements in such situations. Pack extra food and water as they are higher-priority items than a spare change of clothes.
With constant technological advancements, you can also find ways to use your bike's battery as an electricity source for your gadgets in worst-case scenarios. Do not rely on technology only- have a basic understanding of the route and destination and keep a physical map handy.

6. Get the essential tools:
As an experienced motorist, you may have a toolkit already. Still, if you're a newbie to motorcycles, it is essential to have a well-maintained tool kit with the basic equipment and a general idea of how to resolve minor issues. Always ensure that the kit is equipped with fully functional tools.

While spontaneous plans are exciting, taking an unplanned off-road bike trip may not be a good idea. With meticulous planning, comprehensive personal insurance, and two wheeler insurance India, your upcoming off-roading trip can be safe and enjoyable simultaneously! The last but most important thing you need to carry is loads of positivity, energy, and enthusiasm. The twists and turns are waiting for you to conquer them with pride.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.