If you are a travel enthusiast, you must buy personal accident insurance

If you are a travel enthusiast, you must buy personal accident insurance  25th January 2023

Travel is like hitting a reset on the mundane flow of life. It is a breath of fresh air a amid hectic schedule involving tedious work. Refocusing efforts on personal growth rather than material success to prevent burnout and enhance productivity has allowed young professionals to take holiday breaks, explore the world to develop new perspectives, and take on new challenges.

While travel opens up a new world of possibilities, cultures, and experiences, one should never neglect uncertainties. Accidents are an uncertainty in life that one must always prepare for. Often forsaken since they are rare occurrences, irrespective of scale, they leave the victim with pain, financial burdens, and sometimes, lifetime disabilities.

Although you can't prevent accidents, you can be prepared and protect yourself against allied financial losses by buying personal accident insurance India. If you are an avid traveller, here's why you should consider purchasing personal accident insurance India before setting on your next journey.

What is personal accident insurance India?

The severity of accidents is often undermined due to their infrequency. However, irrespective of the cause of the accident, they may lead to accidental deaths, bodily injuries, or disabilities. Personal accident insurance India seeks to insure the policyholder against the financial losses arising from specific accidents that health and life insurance exclude.

Why should travellers purchase personal accident insurance India?

1. Stress-free travel: Exploring new lands and getting a taste of new experiences is best enjoyed without additional stress. Personal accident insurance India protects against accidents you may encounter while on your globe-trotting adventure. Check the fine print of your policy to ensure that your insurer covers accidents occurring abroad. If not, make sure you buy additional specific coverage for the same.

2. Medical compensation:
With medical inflation reaching record heights, healthcare services are costly across the globe. Depending on your preferred destination, you may have to shell out more if you need medical attention due to an accident. Personal accident insurance India covers hospitalisation and allied medical expenses, lifting the financial burden from your shoulders.

3. Additional benefits:
Apart from the medical compensation offered to the policyholder, their family can avail of family transportation allowance, children's education allowance, loan protection services, etc., to shift the burden from the policyholder.

Types of personal accident policy coverage.

1. Accidental death cover:
In case of the insured's accidental death, the nominee receives 100% of the total insured sum stated in the policy.

2. Permanent partial disability cover:
This insurance plan acknowledges disabilities that limit the functioning of the person. For partial disabilities like the loss of specific senses or body parts, you can claim up to 100% of the insured sum.

3. Permanent total disability cover:
Accidents that lead to the loss of essential body parts like limbs that directly impact the insured's ability to return to normal activities make the nominee/policyholder eligible to claim the assured sum.

4. Temporary total disability cover:
Where accidents impair the policyholder's ability to return to regular activities temporarily, the insurer pays a specified sum during the rehabilitation period in the form of a daily or weekly allowance to meet EMI payments, general living expenses, etc.

Exclusions of personal accident insurance.

Before purchasing personal accident insurance India, you must be aware of some of the main exclusions not covered by the policy:

● Natural death

● Pre-existing disability or injury

● Suicide or self-injuries

● Influence of intoxicants

● Acts of terrorism

● Engaging in criminal activities

Encountering an accident is not predictable. Purchasing personal accident insurance protects the policyholder against many accidents, including travel accidents. To protect yourself and your loved ones from unknown risks and travel stress-free, buy personal accident insurance India at the earliest from your preferred insurer!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.