If you’re struggling with productivity, a morning routine may be what you need

If you’re struggling with productivity, a morning routine may be what you need  16th February 2023

With the advent of the hustle culture and technology moving at an incredible pace, our lifestyles have been affected dramatically towards the unhealthy side. Our diets, sleep schedules, and working hours have seen a massive shift that has negatively impacted our health and relationships with ourselves and others. And this unhealthy switch has a massive effect on our work and productivity. While self-care has become an enormous part of our lives, it is now a must-do activity instead of just a habit we are supposed to inculcate in our daily routine.

Have you been feeling down and unfocused lately? Do you need help concentrating to carry out the menial tasks of the day? Well, mental health is a massive part of our lives today. You should contact trained professionals if you feel severe anxiety and other issues. But if you're struggling with productivity, a morning routine may be what you need!

This blog discusses how you can reform your lifestyle with a proper morning schedule and observe significant changes in your spirit and health.

1. Plan your day in advance:
Figuring out your day's schedule helps prepare you mentally and physically for getting all the work done. Monitoring the time to accomplish a particular task enables you to keep track and improve your efficiency and make space for other personal and professional things. A to-do list is a right way to go about structuring your day. You can allot time for these things according to your estimation and roughly note down the hours you will dedicate to a particular task from your list. This will help you stay on top of your productivity game.

2. A sound sleep:
A good night's sleep is essential. While several other pieces of research every day indicate different hours of sleep required by a certain age group, seven to eight hours is the fundamental need for a human body to function correctly. Ensuring a good night's sleep makes you feel fresh and ready for the next day. It helps you to be productive and complete all the tasks for the day.

3. Meditation and reading:
Meditation helps you connect with your inner self and calms your body. It enables you to strengthen your focus. Meditating every morning will help you calm your nerves and prepare for the day. It is very effective in dealing with anxiety and stress. Mental health professionals and physical trainers always recommend it as a part of your exercise and self-care regimen.
You can also set a target for reading which is a nourishment for your brain. You can either commit to reading ten pages daily and slowly increase. Or you can set a time limit, beginning with reading for ten to twenty minutes and then working your way up. This will help you improve your reading speed and boost your concentration, and eventually, you can develop a habit.

4. Move your body:
Any form of physical activity in the morning like stretching, yoga, and exercise will improve the blood circulation in your body and regulate hormone levels. Physical activities also help you structure your day, improve your metabolism and enhance your well-being. Your fitness journey would eventually lead you to healthier diet choices, thus making an enormous contribution to your lifestyle.

Some other elements you can introduce in building productivity include drinking one glass of water in the morning, eating a nutritional breakfast, breathing exercises, cleaning and organising your personal space and work desk, spending some time in nature without any gadgets, positive self-talk and affirmations, etc. The key is to formulate all these things into a routine and take it one day at a time.

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