Important things to know before you set on a cruise trip

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Important things to know before you set on a cruise trip  15th February 2021


The sea has always opened up numerous opportunities for humankind. And now, with cruises becoming popular in the travel culture, people want to avail this luxurious and unforgettable adventure. Sailing from one horizon to another, experiencing the waters, foreign sunsets, and the regal amenities of the ship, make a complete package and a perfect bullet on your bucket list.

Planning a cruise trip can be intimidating and overwhelming. Ships are now as high as six to ten storeys and can contain upto three thousand passengers! You'll come across people from various cultures and backgrounds when visiting different port cities and countries. With expansive breathtaking views of the ocean, enjoy the vibes of a unique vacation far away from the city crowd and hassle. Cruise companies make every effort to make the guests feel welcome and curate experiences that cater to all travellers' expectations.

In this article, we will discuss some essential things to know before you set out on a cruise trip.

1. Windowless cabins:
For first-time cruisers, this can come as a shock. Some rooms may look like a coach in a train (size), but they might not have a window. These cabins are small spaces and can be congested for some. If you are uncomfortable in tiny spaces, make sure you check the amenities before booking a room. You can always travel with a partner to split the cost of the room if the price is too high.

2. Dress codes:
Some cruises have strict dress codes for mealtimes. You can be turned away if you don't adhere to the code and show up in ripped jeans or anything that comes off as casual. Make sure you prepare yourself in advance, enquire about these rules and regulations, and pack your outfits accordingly.

3. Book a higher cabin:
If you get seasick, booking a higher cabin will help you have a fun trip without the stress of feeling nausea or seasickness. Consider your health as a priority while sailing. Carry all necessary medications along with you and take good rest. The more you look after your body, the better you will enjoy your trip.

4. Last-minute upgrades:
Amenities like bigger beds, rooms, complimentary spa services, rooms with balconies, etc., become available at reasonable prices and deals if they are not sold out by the time the ship sets sail. Check the last-minute offers, upgrade, and avail of the luxuries if you like a discount.

5. Pricey internet:
Phone companies slap you with high roaming charges if you keep using your data without checking the roaming prices or switching to roaming data packs. Most ships have Wi-Fi options for basic tasks like emailing, online meetings, etc. Check with your travel group while looking for Wi-Fi hotspots.

Now that we have discussed some essential things you should know before setting out on a cruise trip, it would be wise to insure your travel as well. Cruises are expensive and can be risky if you don't get your trip insured in case of some unprecedented situations. These can be very stressful monetarily. To avoid this, explore general insurance plans in the market and choose the travel plan which suits your needs.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.