Insurance renewal: Verify these checkboxes before your buy bike insurance

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Insurance renewal: Verify these checkboxes before your buy bike insurance  29th March 2022


Owning a two-wheeler not only makes the commute between two places easy, it also becomes a convenient option when you want to skip the traffic.

And, as you notice the several other benefits of using a two-wheeler, you choose the best services for your bike. A well-maintained motorcycle gives the best performance and comfort. Be it the service centre or the insurance provider; you do not want to take either of these lightly. However, owing to the fast-paced life that we are leading, it can become challenging to keep note of the next bike servicing or the renewal of your bike insurance.

Choosing the best insurance provider can be a daunting task, but you can find the best options and renew bike insurance online with little research and time.

This article will look at a few things you need to keep before renewing bike insurance online.

1. No Claim Bonus:
No claim bonus or NCB is a reward that your insurer provides when you have not made any claims in the previous year. An NCB is a testimonial of responsible driving. The benefit is in the form of concessions or discounts for future renewals. Even if you switch or sell your previous bike, your NCB stays with you and is applicable on the next purchase.

2. Coverage:
You don’t need to continue with your previous policy. You can opt for insurance policies that provide better coverage at lower premiums. Over your last term, you must have realised what other services you require. Hence, choose increased coverage or make changes as per your requirements.

3. Setting the IDV:
During every renewal period, it is advisable to change your IDV. You can decrease or increase the insured declared value that the insurance provider is bound to pay you in case of a total loss of your bike. Understanding IDV is crucial to assessing the correct value for your vehicle. Opting for lower IDV means you are underinsuring your motorcycle while choosing higher IDV means a higher premium.

4. Add on covers:
While renewing your policy, you can opt for various add-ons on your insurance cover. This is an intelligent way of reaping more benefits for a slightly higher premium. These add-ons are worth the extra premium. Zero depreciation, passenger assistance, roadside assistance, NCB protection are a few options you can choose.

5. Choose in advance:
It is illegal to drive a bike without valid insurance papers. So instead of waiting for the last minute to change or renew your insurance, it is best to start looking for options before the end of the policy period. This way, you can have ample time to consider various options before you make the final decision.

These are the few things you need to keep in mind before renewing your bike insurance. Do not forget to miss out on the renewal dates, as it can affect the continuity of your policy and other benefits.

Choosing the right insurance can be a challenging task, but do not be afraid to ask questions to your insurance provider to clear your doubts. Their job is to help you figure out the best options for you. Read reviews online, as they can help you assess the credibility of the company you are opting for. You can renew bike insurance online quickly and efficiently with these things in mind.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.