Invest in the fire and special perils policies for advanced protection of your property

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Invest in the fire and special perils policies for advanced protection of your property  18th July 2022

Building a property from zero is a daunting process. It takes time, effort, and a high budget to construct your dream home or your dream office. Despite all this hard work, there are times when misfortune strikes unexpectedly. It can be a short circuit caused by lightning, a storm, flood, or cyclone that might drown your premises.

You won’t want your property to fall prey to such casualties. Despite taking all precautions and looking after safety measures, still, you cannot avoid the probability of mishaps. As rightly said, we must always pray for the best but prepare for the worst.

So, it is wise to be smartly insured against any such happenings. A policy that covers most misfortunes, either natural or man-made, is the Fire and Special Perils Policy.

What is the fire and special perils policy?

A fire and special perils policy is a contract where the insurer secures you and your property from any damages that may occur due to natural calamities such as storms, cyclones, and resulting floods, lightning, or man-made perils such as riots, strikes, or malicious damages.

Even though adversities like these may not strike you as something you should pay immediate attention to, it’s best to get insured before the situation gets out of hand. This will give you and your loved ones some much-needed peace of mind.

Key features of this policy:

This policy usually covers several contingencies, including

1. Fire hazard: Your property and possessions are insured if a fire breaks out.

2. Lightning: If any damage is caused by lightning impact

3. Explosion/Implosion: Your property is insured against an unforeseen explosion. If the building collapses inwards due to the failure of a system, that is also insured within this policy.

4. Human hazards like riots, strikes, and malicious damage: In case of these man-made hazards, your possessions are insured against visible physical damage.

5. Natural calamities: No one can accurately predict precisely when a natural disaster will occur. So, it gives great peace when your property is secured against these unforeseen calamities like storms, cyclones, typhoons, tempests, etc. This policy also insures you and your loved ones against floods, and landslides, including repairing your property.

6. Accidental mishaps: The repair charges are covered in the rare chance of accidental damages like the bursting of an automatic sprinkler installation.

7. Missile testing operations

8. Groundworks and other excavations

Some of the add-ons you can opt for in this policy are

1. Debris removal

2. Destruction in the event of a forest fire

3. Loss of rent

Features that are not covered:

Knowing the pros and cons of each policy before purchasing it is essential. There are a few instances where this insurance policy does not cover damage and loss to your property. These are

1. Destruction and damage caused by wars, being invaded by a foreign entity, civil war, rebellions, or in the case of military or usurped power

2. Nuclear war and allied risks

3. Pollution and contamination

4. Damages incurred due to volcanic eruptions or earthquakes

5. Damages incurred due to the loss of unclaimed precious stones or works of art

6. Acts of terrorism or militant activities

It takes a lifetime to build assets like property, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that one would want to get it insured against unforeseen misfortunes. The Fire and special perils policy are one of the most popular insurance policies chosen by homeowners, SME’s and big corporations alike. This holistic plan can protect you and your loved ones and also comes with a lot of flexibility.

You may even invest in the best home insurance in India to protect the content of your home from incidents like theft or damage to the building. Investments that reap fruitful outcomes go a long way in safeguarding your dreams.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.