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Is it good to ride your bike on reserve all the time  29th March 2022


Fuel is one of the essential things needed for your bike to function efficiently. It generates power in your bike and makes it operable. You cannot risk being low on fuel or having no fuel in the tank. But there are times when you forget to fill up the fuel tank, and get stuck in an area with no petrol pumps around, or the fuel starts leaking, and you don't notice until the very end. What are you supposed to do then?

For such situations, bike manufacturing companies brought in the concept of reserve fuel. The reserve tank permits you to drive your bike till you find the nearest petrol pump and refill your tank. It is a fail-safe option in your main tank whenever you are stuck in a no-fuel situation.

However, this raises questions. Is it appropriate to ride your bike on reserve? What will happen to the bike's performance and efficiency? Let's address these.

1. No warning:
You can run your motorcycle on reserve all the time, but you might use up all the fuel without any warning signs that your tank is empty. This means that your bike can stop suddenly due to zero fuel, and you would have to push it to the nearest gas station.

2. Less power:
Driving on low fuel puts pressure on your bike's engine. As a result, the engine's power deteriorates over time and hampers your bike's performance significantly.

3. Practice occasionally:
The two reasons mentioned earlier are why you should not run your bike on reserve all the time. But it is advised that running your motorcycle on reserve from time to time is a good practice as it is essential to occasionally use the fuel in the lower part of the fuel tank. But, ensure that this is carried out periodically and doesn't become a habit.

4. Dirt collection:
In the previous point, we discussed that it is necessary to use the fuel in the lower part of your fuel tank. Why is it essential to do so? The lower part of your fuel tank is where a lot of dirt, dust, water, etc. is collected. And when you avoid riding your bike in reserve mode, all dirt and moisture can accumulate and fill up the reserve tank. This might end up clogging the main tank.
This accumulation can be challenging to deal with. It will involve a lot more tank maintenance, and frequent visits to the mechanic to get the tank cleaned, fixed, or even replaced, none of which is quick and easy to manage.

So, all in all, is it good to ride your bike on reserve all the time? It sure does not cause any severe harm as long as you are careful. Switching your motorcycle to the reserve mode means that the fuel will flow from the reserve tank instead of the main tank to the carburetor.

While riding in reserve is one of the many questions about motorcycles and their maintenance, other factors contribute to your bike's proper and efficient functioning. It is wise to insure your bike to protect it against any sudden problems with the parts or severe damages, which might involve a lot of repair expenses. Try investing in reliable motor insurance India and assure your bike a long life.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.