Keep your car looking classy with a clean sunroof!

Keep your car looking classy with a clean sunroof!  27th March 2023

The trend of automobiles that exude luxury isn't on the decline anytime soon. With several unique yet functional features rolled out by top manufacturers to entice drivers, the automobile sector continues to evolve.

Sunroofs are one such feature that has been in the market for long enough but continues to catch the fancy of many automobile owners. While they let in the fresh air and natural light on the go, many owners avoid purchasing cars with sunroofs because they fear excessive maintenance.

If you feel the same, here are some tips to keep your car's sunroof in good condition:

1. Clean it frequently
Dust and debris can easily get lodged inside the sunroof due to its positioning. The component's performance will be compromised if it gathers trash and dust particles beside and within. It is essential to clean the sunroof from top to bottom, including the areas surrounding it. Your car's sunroof will remain spotless and operate smoothly with regular cleaning.

2. Annual deep clean
You should thoroughly clean your car's sunroof once a year with the following:

● Clean the sunroof properly
● Now pump low-pressure air through the drain tubes to clean the trough
● The last step is to insert a thin, flexible, non-puncturing wire into a drain tube, twist it anticlockwise, clockwise again, and gently push it farther into the line.

3. Use appropriate cleaning products
Never use any cleaning agent or solution to clean the sunroof. You can harm the quality of the rubber seal in the sunroof by using a harsh or improper cleaning agent. The best advice from professionals for cleaning a sunroof is to use warm tap water or isopropyl alcohol (IPA). 4. Set it free to move
Inspect the working parts of your car's sunroof if it sticks or seems to be moving slowly to look for cracked or stripped gears or a build-up of dirt and debris. To find the location of the issue, start your car and cycle the roof between the open, closed, and vent positions. After a few cycles, clean everything if it works more smoothly, and lightly lubricate all visible moving components with a mild, heat-resistant grease. If you hear a squeaking noise or see the sunroof not opening and closing correctly, visit an expert mechanic to rectify the problem.

5. Look for rust around the hinges
You should check the mounting hardware for any signs of rust or wear and tear if the sunroof in your automobile is manually operated. Moisture can also cause it to corrode. The hardware won't rust or sustain any damage if it is properly maintained. You should pay close attention to the mounting hardware and clean it properly when cleaning the sunroof.

6. Lubricate the moving parts
Lubrication is necessary for a sunroof's moving parts to operate effectively. But, using the proper grease is crucial to ensure efficient and trouble-free operation. Conventional mineral grease is inappropriate for lubricating components in a sunroof. For this, you must use heat-resistant grease. This grease is designed for high temperatures.

7. Pay close attention to any unusual sounds
Remember to listen for any odd noises from your sunroof while opening and closing it. When opened and closed, you must adequately clean the sunroof if it makes a scraping noise. The sunroof auto glass is likely to shatter if there is a popping sound. Consequently, before the issue worsens, it is critical to seek professional assistance.

The correct operation of a sunroof depends on regular maintenance. Your sunroof can get damaged due to improper care. Take your car to a service centre that fixes auto glass if the sunroof makes odd noises even after proper maintenance. While we are discussing your car's upkeep, it is also crucial to buy car insurance. Reliable car insurance can protect your asset from mishaps and monetary stress.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.