Keep your car smelling fresh with these practical hacks

Keep your car smelling fresh with these practical hacks  27th March 2023

Buying a car is a significant investment for most Indians. It is a dream that cultivates in the minds of the young and is seen as no less than a requirement alongside essentials like a home. After such heavy capital expenditure, it becomes a necessity for every car owner to maintain their vehicle diligently. This may be through careful use, regular servicing, and availing of online car insurance renewal facilities.

Regular exterior maintenance of the car is required to keep it shiny and in good working condition. But what about the interiors? Daily car users face the common issue of stinking interiors for various reasons. Consistent negligence can make your car smell terrible, resulting in an unpleasant driving experience.

How can you overcome this problem? Use these simple methods to ensure that your car smells good.

1. Use baking soda and vacuum frequently
Routine vacuuming your automobile can help keep your car clean, look appealing, and lessen odours. If smells are very potent or persistent, sprinkle the baking soda on the stinking area. Let the surface dry for some time, then vacuum the baking powder.

2. Fabric fresheners and dryer sheets
To refresh the air, hang some dryer sheets on the air conditioner's vents. The sheets will serve as a deodoriser for the vehicle. They will last longer than typical vehicle fresheners when placed on A/C vents. Alternatively, you can create air fresheners by placing deodoriser pods in mesh bags or mason jars with holes in the lid.

3. Freshen up your floor mats
Another spot that may be challenging to maintain is the floor mats, particularly if you have children or dogs. The easiest way to keep the mats fresh is to frequently vacuum them and use baking soda or a carpet refresher to absorb odours.

An alternate choice is a car air freshener, which typically has a pleasant perfume to cover up any odours in your car. However, it may not be the best option if you're attempting to avoid drawing more dust particles in your vehicle. You should also consider installing a charcoal air filter to defend against the stench.

4. Coffee beans
Coffee beans are one of the most potent fragrances for a vehicle freshener. Place some beans in a tiny paper bag, sock, or small mesh bag under the seats. You may also use ground coffee, but do it in stable containers, such as a salt shaker, so you won't need additional cleaning in case they spill. Position it in a regular location, such as the cup holder.

5. Essential oils
A drop or two of essential oils can make your vehicle smell magical. Put this on the console for immediate car aromatherapy if you already have a diffuser. You can utilise variations such as peppermint to prevent nausea or motion sickness when you have sensitive passengers.

6. Diluted shampoo spritz
Avoid washing your dashboard or doors with chemicals that contain alcohol or ammonia, as these might damage the materials. Instead, use a spray bottle to apply a 4-to-1 diluted solution of warm water and mild shampoo on a soft microfiber cloth.

Proper upkeep and accessories are essential for maintaining the appeal of your vehicle, whether it is new or used. Unpleasant odours can be challenging and embarrassing if left to persist for long periods. Like the exteriors, your leather seats and sophisticated cabin interiors deserve appropriate care. Similar to online car insurance renewal services that prevent the burden of potential mishaps, we recommend regular cleaning and using air fresheners to prevent stale air and stenches inside the car cabin.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.