Know about these seven causes of industrial accidents

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Know about these seven causes of industrial accidents  10th January 2022


Industrial employment frequently constitutes a high degree of danger of workplace accidents. This challenging scenario can be created by heavy machinery, electrical lines, loosely suspended objects, short circuits, all of which can be life-threatening. Moreover, such hazards adversely impact working conditions.

These industrial accidents can be severe and, in many cases, cause long-lasting damage. Fortunately, public liability insurance provides support for protecting workers from these mishaps.

Let’s understand the most common causes of industrial accidents.

1. Improper functioning of machinery:
Industrial machinery is highly complicated and sophisticated in its design and operation. A faulty component can result from something as simple as a loose screw or a frayed wire. A variety of safety features is in place to guard against the possibility of a fire, overheating, or other problems. But the probability of these functions and operations having faults cannot be neglected. This necessitates a high level of ongoing maintenance to eliminate the possibility of any mishaps.

2. Mistakes made by employees:
Employee routines and behaviour influence workplace productivity. The causes contributing to industrial accidents are an improper use of machinery, inability to concentrate, failure to pay attention to detail, and insufficient training. In addition, a lack of knowledge and experience can lead to unexpected accidents.

3. Overworked employees:
Injuries caused by physical exertion (such as lifting) are widespread in the industries. This is bound to occur when workers are not given proper breaks or rest sessions and are not alert when performing tasks.

4. Chaotic workplaces:
Industrial cleanliness is often more prevalent in client-facing firms than in businesses that do not require daily visitors. Housekeeping is widely considered a good sign of a company's commitment to safety and faith in quality. Hence all businesses must maintain a clean and hygienic environment. Lack of proper cleaning in the workplace can lead to an accident.

5. Accidents from stumbling, falling, and slipping:
In some cases, careless personnel might fail to close cabinets or drawers properly while reaching for goods, putting lives in danger. In addition, dangling electrical wires in the workplace can be a severe hazard for employees. Every employee must be aware of any messes, wet flooring, or slippery surfaces they encounter when moving around the workplace.

6. Distractions:
Distractions have a significant influence on a worker's day-to-day safety. Boredom might impair decision-making abilities when a person has been doing the same thing for an extended amount of time.

7. Taking shortcuts:
It can be tempting to cut corners to complete tasks more quickly. Yet, doing so might result in various dangers and complications. Unquestionably, taking shortcuts is a method that compromises employee safety and will raise the likelihood of injury. As rightly quoted, “There’s no substitute for hard work”. So, the workers must follow the processes instead of taking unnecessary shortcuts.

Accidents in the workplace can result in significant injuries that can take a severe toll on the employees' well-being and affect the growth of the industries. Therefore, it is crucial to maintain discipline while working. Proper safety measures and working guidelines must be ensured in the workplace, and the staff must be trained for the same. Next, industries should implement public liability insurance to guarantee that employees are fully covered under the hood of a helpful insurance plan.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.