Know about these ten tips to deal with hand numbness while riding

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Know about these ten tips to deal with hand numbness while riding  28th December 2021


Hand numbness affects all bikers, from beginners to professionals. A few hours into riding a bike, you may begin to feel tingling in your palms and fingers. The stinging sensation is caused by compressed nerves in the shoulder, elbow, or wrist and might last several hours.

You shake it off in the hopes of alleviating the dull ache, but it doesn't seem to work. So, what is the solution? Even if these techniques do not eliminate the condition, they can at least assist in easing or lessening the numbness while riding.

1. Wear protective gloves:
Vibration stresses the nerves and forces you to hold more tightly than usual. Wearing padded gloves might assist but make sure they're not too tight since this can complicate the issue.

2. Alter your arm position:
Keep changing your grip on the handlebar throughout the journey to prevent exerting the same persistent strain on your wrists.

3. Loosen up the elbows:
Relaxing your elbows engages your torso muscles, relieving strain from your hands. Let your elbows rest in all situations to allow you to soak vibrations from the road.

4. Maintain body balance:
Don't forget about your core. Maintaining your body's balance while riding may dramatically reduce the amount of pressure on your hands.

5. Tune-up your bike:
Ensure that the bike's suspension is correctly tuned and the tyre pressure is perfect before every ride. Decreasing the vibration is crucial to experience a smooth ride.

6. Get your bike altered to fit:
Bike fitting suggests moving the seat rearward, lowering it, adjusting the tilt, and elevating the bar. This will distribute your weight back and away from your hands.

7. Have a hold:
Consider adopting thicker, softer, and sticky grips so you don't have to grasp the handlebars as tightly. Another alternative is to use ergonomic grips. They're designed to assist you in positioning your hands correctly and relieving pressure spots.

8. Utilize your core:
Take note of your general position and the amount of involvement of your back and core muscles when riding. By focusing your conscious attention on your body's mechanics, you'll be able to make real-time modifications to ease the pressure on your arms and hands.

9. Physiotherapy:
If the numbness in your hands worsens or persists, you should seek medical advice from a physical therapist. They will determine the treatment by assessing the problem's root cause.

10. Stretching:
A few minutes of full body stretching before each trip will also reduce your muscles' numbness and strain. Basic stretching and strengthening exercises for your hands, wrists, and forearms will help prevent hand numbness.

It's common to exert strain on your arms and shoulders while biking. This usually happens unintentionally when you are in an unwanted environment, such as a traffic jam. Even if we take it easy and try to let go of the pressure, our hands and shoulders still tense up. As a result, discomfort and continuing difficulties in the muscles of the upper back result from this circumstance.

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