Know about these useful ways to minimize jet lag

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Know about these useful ways to minimize jet lag  24th December 2021


Your luggage, along with clothes and other travel items, brings a lot of excitement for the trip. But one baggage that comes with flying long distances is “jet lag”, also called desynchronosis or circadian dysrhythmia.

People travelling across several time zones have observed that the different environmental conditions drive their internal clocks out of order. As a result, they face issues while sleeping, which causes dullness and irritation. Other indications of jet lag include fatigue, headache, stomach problems, and lack of concentration.

Your body is naturally synchronized to a 24-hour cycle-the circadian rhythm, and the body’s biological functioning, hormones, and temperature rise and fall according to this alignment. However, jet lag disrupts this clock. On an average, it usually takes a day to adapt to the different time zones. But, the older you get, the longer your body takes to adapt to the change.

Now that we know how jet lag affects your body, here are some ways to minimize it.

1. Rest on the plane:
If you are travelling east and into a brand-new day, try to get quality sleep on the plane. Why? Because eastward travel cuts short your arrival day compared to travelling west which gives you additional hours to adjust to the new time zone. Consider carrying eye masks and earplugs to reduce the light and noise and have a sound sleep during your flight.

2. Night time arrival? Try to stay awake:
You catch up on your sleep upon arrival so that you can wake up the following day naturally, therefore easing into the new time zone.

3. Choosing flights strategically:
Selecting early evening arrival flights helps you stay awake until bedtime in your new location. This will smoothen your adjustment into the time zone. Plan your journey in advance to avoid the last-moment hustle to get the desired flight ticket.

4. Power naps are a big yes:
Sleepy but worried about jet lag? Fret not. Take a power nap for 20-30 minutes and give yourself the rest you need. This can do wonders, especially when travelling to different time zones.

5. Plan ahead:
If you have an important meeting or function to attend, schedule your trip a little early to adjust to the new time zone to avoid any jet lag-induced inconveniences on the D-day.

6. Say no to coffee:
Avoid consuming alcohol or caffeine a day before and on the day of your flight. These beverages can hinder your body clock and affect your sleep cycle. They might make the symptoms of jet lag dreadful for you.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.