Know how ATVs work and why they are becoming a popular adventure option

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Know how ATVs work and why they are becoming a popular adventure option  05th August 2022

All-terrain vehicles, popularly known as ATVs, are a new trend in the automobile market. With many options bombarding the automobile industry, be it utility ATVs, sport ATVs, or children's ATVs, it is difficult not to know about them. This article will look at all the options, their functionality, their working, and why they are becoming a popular adventure option.

What is an ATV?
An ATV is a popular off-roading option designed to travel on four wheels. There are two subcategories to ATVs. The first one is a TYPE I ATV, designed to be used only by one person, and no other passengers can be on board. TYPE II ATVs are more popular amongst tourists and can board two to three people depending on the vehicle's build.

ATVs are also built-in various sizes and for different utilities, and we will look at each in the next section of this article.

What are the different kinds of ATVs?

1. Sport ATVs:
If you enjoy adventure and the occasional bouts of an adrenaline rush, then sports ATVs are just for you. They are made especially for speeding and tricky turners. It glides smoothly across corners and different surfaces. Sports ATVs are the perfect machine for motor enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of speed and sports.

2. Utility ATVs:
These ATVs are for more labour-oriented work and to transport heavy objects from one place to another. Some ATVs come with levers that can lift heavy objects and place them in different positions as per the requirement. With mighty engines, these can navigate through any terrain, including rocky and hilly areas.

3. Side by side ATVs:
These ATVs or quads can seat up to four people. These are not operated using handlebars. Instead, they are equipped with steering and provide riders with an experience similar to driving a car. These can be used in snow, sand, and deserts.

4. Youth ATVs:
They are designed for younger people, especially children looking to experience ATVs. These are equipped with full safety measures to ensure the protection of riders at all times. The engines are not as powerful as normal ATVs and range between 50cc to 125cc.

5. High-performance ATVs:
As the name suggests, these are high-performance vehicles, as they are equipped with extremely powerful engines, more than the power and acceleration compared to other ATVs. The engine capacity ranges anywhere from 350cc to 700cc.

Why are they a popular sporting option?

Because of their agility, speed, and ability to manoeuver different kinds of terrain, ATVs have gained traction over the years. Watching these can be fun and thrilling. Many sporting activities happen around the year, and if you enjoy all kinds of riding or racing, ATV sporting is a must.

Driving an ATV requires a lot of physical exertion, skills, and tactics, which is why it is a challenging and interesting option for adventure seekers. Trail racing, motocross, cross country, desert racing, hill climbing, etc., are some of the more popular ATV sports in the country.

Having discussed all the important elements of an ATV, it is time to shed light on the importance of careful driving and maintenance of your vehicle. While ATVs are an interesting option if you enjoy riding, keeping yourself and others around you safe is important. Always wear safety gear and helmets while driving ATVs.

Remember to take your ATV for regular servicing and maintenance to ensure their longevity and optimum functionality. Do not forget online motor insurance renewal to safeguard yourself against the costs and expenses of maintaining an ATV.

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