Know more about these motorcycle classes: BS4 and BS6

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Know more about these motorcycle classes: BS4 and BS6  25th February 2021


Are you looking to purchase your first two-wheeler or perhaps on the hunt for an upgrade to your current one? You must have heard various terms such as BS6 and BS4 being used for two-wheelers. Before we jump into understanding them, let's understand why we are talking about these classes.

In order to address the growing concerns about pollution and global warming, the Government of India has introduced regulations known as Bharat Stage Emission Standards (BSES). BSES is the governing body responsible for regulating the output of air pollutants coming out from vehicles. The BSES has made it mandatory for all motorcycle producing brands to register and primarily sell only BS6 bikes from 1st April 2020.

In this blog, we will try to bring forth everything there is to know about BS4 and BS6 engines.

What are BS4 and BS6?
BS4 and BS6 are the 4th and the 6th iteration of the BSES pollution regulations. The Central Pollution Control Board put forth the BS4 emission norms in 2017, which permitted 50 parts per million sulphur content. However, with the introduction of BS6, it was mandated that only ten parts per million Sulphur content were allowed.
Due to BS6, India's emission norms are believed to be equivalent to those of developed countries. BS6 means cleaner fuel and less toxic gases from the exhaust, thus reducing the pollutant content in the air.
The BS6 petrol engine is 25 per cent cleaner than the BS4 motor. And in the case of diesel, it is 80 per cent cleaner than a BS4 diesel engine.

Can you use BS6 fuel in a BS4 vehicle?
BS6 vehicles aren't everywhere just yet, so most motorcycles using BS6 fuel are BS4 vehicles. The important thing to keep in mind is that it is a cleaner fuel and will be perfectly fine for your engine.
Once the laws are mandated, every fuel station will be pumping BS6 fuel. So it is unreasonable to expect one to change their vehicle. This is why it is acceptable to use BS6 power in your BS4 vehicles.

Can you use BS4 fuel in a BS6 vehicle?
It is highly unlikely to have any immediate effect on the motorcycle. There has been certain ambiguity when it comes to this. The petrol engine manufacturers said no effects were seen when a BS6 vehicle used BS4 fuel. However, in the case of diesel engines, there will be some wear and tear eventually. Though, the repercussions would be seen over a very long period.

With the constantly changing time and increasing pollution and population, the automobile industry is preparing for revolutionary changes in the next five to ten years. The laws concerning pollution are becoming more stringent, and it is essential to keep your bike's health in top order to avoid hefty fines in future. Regular check-ups, including pollution checks and servicing, are vital for the good health of your two-wheeler.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.