Know these mistakes you should avoid while selecting a wedding destination

Know these mistakes you should avoid while selecting a wedding destination  11th January 2023

Nothing represents India better than big fat Indian weddings! Vibrant colours and never-ending streams of ceremonies are giveaway signs of a wedding-in-planning. However, while guests only see the wedding as well-planned, the staggering costs of planning a wedding in India have only grown over the years.

A wedding is a significant decision that impacts your finances. Irrespective of the size of the event, it involves extensive planning to design and execute that one special big day. Selecting a wedding destination is one of the first steps to facilitate the process. It is best to contact a general insurance company and take out a policy that covers potential financial losses against any substantial risks.

Choosing a perfect venue may seem like a challenging task. By avoiding these common mistakes, you can find the destination of your dreams without any hassle and future regrets!

1. Organise your requirements:
It is easy to get overwhelmed and do things out of order as they please you. However, without careful consideration, you are bound to make regretful choices. Before looking for destinations, make a physical list of some points to remember.
This includes the estimates of guests, the budget set aside for the venue, the kind of location you expect, and the sequence of activities and ceremonies. This will help you consider the site while keeping the facts in mind, making it easy to imagine whether or not the choice is right for you.

2. Pictures are only references:
Starting your hunt for the perfect venue a few weeks or months before the date is an absolute nightmare waiting to happen. However, if you choose purely based on images on the internet, the result is bound to be a disaster. Make sure you check the venue in person to ensure that it satisfies your criteria.
Booking in advance is a recommended step that allows you to avail of discounts and avoid settling for the substandard alternate after finding out that your ideal destination has already been booked.
If cancellations and uncertainties hold you from booking your venue in advance, consider discussing wedding insurance with your general insurance company that compensates in the event of cancellation.

3. Consider the distance:
While it is your wedding, you must consider the travel to the venue to ensure that it is convenient for your guests. Ease of accessibility and nearby or on-site accommodations are vital factors when choosing the wedding venue.

4. Check the venue rules:
Venues often have non-alterable rules. Carefully consider their policies before committing to the site, only to discover that the location does not allow any of your planned activities. If it is non-negotiable for you, ask for their adjustment. In case it is approved, ensure that you have it in writing as proof in the future.

5. Don't hold back your queries:
Asking too many questions may feel like a nuisance but clarifying everything is best rather than being confused. Do not shy away from asking all about the duration that the venue is let out for, accessibility, amenities, and other facilities. Make them aware of any special requests at the earliest to ensure that the organisers have enough time to accommodate your needs.

6. Consider the weather:
An outdoor wedding may be your dream, but it may not be feasible during the monsoon. Ensure that you consider the forecasted weather conditions' compatibility with your venue. Indoor weddings in elegant halls are highly preferred backup options that save the day.

Most importantly, avoid individually taking the responsibility of choosing the venue. It is ideal to delegate the task to a few close friends and family members who can help you find the perfect destination that satisfies you and is practical. You may even decide to hire professional wedding planners to make the occasion an exceptional one. It is also ideal to purchase a prudent cover from a general insurance company while planning your big day.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.