Learn about the best tips for ensuring the safety of maintenance workers

Learn about the best tips for ensuring the safety of maintenance workers  31st October 2022

Maintenance workers are a highly underrated and neglected section of any organisation until a problem arises. Their day-to-day work requires many risky tasks as they have to come close to machinery or processes and repair them.

Such activities may include the disassembly and reassembly of complicated machinery. The chances of accidents are always high for them as maintenance activities are usually unplanned and involve the possibility of human error.

Let us learn about the best tips for ensuring the safety of maintenance workers.

1. Plan and stick to a schedule:
Maintenance activities should always be planned in advance so that workers get time to do a risk assessment and be mentally prepared for it. A regular safety check schedule should be put in place so that the maintenance workers know in advance the potential hazards of the task.
The tools and personal protective equipment (PPE) should be checked for safety on a routine basis. Proper planning and making a schedule for safety checks will also help the maintenance workers to sharpen their work skills according to the specific needs of the task.

2. Authorisation:
The proper authorisation should be in place for the operation of critical machinery. Only a few should have authorised access to critical work areas or permission to go near critical and complicated machinery. Power should be turned off when the machines are not working. The proper authorisation will ensure that no one turns on machinery or part of it while the maintenance workers are working on it.

3. Appropriate equipment:
The management should ensure that the maintenance workers have the appropriate equipment to perform their tasks. The workers should also consistently check on their equipment, whether a small drill machine or a welding machine. It should not happen that equipment fails to operate while performing a maintenance process and puts the worker and his team in danger.
The management must also ensure that they constantly upgrade and modernise the equipment to match the need of the hour and are not obsolete.

4. Working as a team:
Maintenance works are usually sudden and critical in nature. They come up when something important, such as the main production process, has stopped. The maintenance workers should work as a team because a lack of coordination in maintenance activity may lead to accidents and injuries.
The team should follow all the required safety processes and protocols. Also, they should do a thorough after-use check of all the critical equipment and tools they use. This will ensure the tools are fit for the next maintenance assignment.

5. Final checks and inspection:
The maintenance workers should thoroughly inspect the repair work they have performed. They should do a trial run of the machine only after they are fully satisfied with their work and are sure that everything is back in order. This will ensure their safety as otherwise, they may meet with an accident in case of incomplete repair work.

Maintenance workers are an essential part of an organisation's workforce. They put their lives at risk to fix the errors and bring back life to the stopped processes. While ensuring the safety of the maintenance workers, any company must also go for public liability insurance. It will protect the company if any third-party liability arises from accidents, injuries, or property damage.

Public liability insurance prices vary with a business's individual needs and the scale of its operations. One should compare the prices of policies available with different service providers and then make the purchase decision accordingly.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.