Learn About the Insurance Claims Process

Learn About the Insurance Claims Process  14th October 2022

Let’s address the big question, how to go about a claim?

The information on this page covers the part that you're most concerned about: Claims.

Our claim settlement ratio is something we're really proud of. Trust us, we are equally eager to settle your claims, should there be an untoward situation. Call us on 1800 266 3202 for seamless claim support.

Some important points related to the claims process:

For motor insurance claims, you can send us a video of the damaged vehicle taken from your smartphone, through the link that we share on your registered mobile number. You can also get in touch with your agent, visit our nearest branch or email us at customercare@magma-hdi.co.in for speedy assistance.

We promise you – we'll never leave you stranded. Our 24*7 Roadside Assistance add-on will help you with vehicle pick-up, repairs, and several other services (only if this service is opted for). For repairs, we urge you to choose our preferred workshops / network garages (where we'll settle the bill directly with the garage) or even if you don't, we'll settle the payment based on the relevant invoices and documentation (if only it is admissible under the terms of the policy).

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For health insurance claims, in case of planned admission, we request you to inform us or your agent before the hospitalization, this will help us to process your claims quickly. Kindly intimate your claim within 30 days of hospitalization. You can avail yourself of the cashless facility at any of our Network hospitals.

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You can also download our "Magma HDI" mobile app from the Google play store or Apple app store or visit our website www.magmahdi.com for the following services:

1. Intimate and track claims
2. Avail wellness services
3. Download claim forms
4. Search hospital for a cashless
5. Access your policy facility features and health card, and more

For more clarity, we have summarized a few points to know why health claims get rejected, click here to view our blog.

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