Learn how you can deep clean your car's trunk

Learn how you can deep clean your car's trunk  29th December 2022

As the owner and user of your vehicle, you need to understand the importance of cleaning your car regularly to save money and ensure that your vehicle is safe and hygienic for other passengers.

The vehicle's trunk can become the dirtiest place due to the stuff we put there. It could be the dust from the roller bags and carry-ons, stains from the fruits and vegetables, baby items, liquids, and more. So, it is essential to deep clean the trunk of your car to keep the atmosphere in the vehicle healthy and avoid any smells, decaying, and dust that could be harmful to the health of the people sitting inside.

This blog will teach you how to deep clean your car’s trunk. Without any further delay, let us get started!

1. Identify the suitable materials:
For deep cleaning, you need to identify the suitable materials you must use to ensure that it does not cause any adverse effects like bad odour, staining the carpet or the rag in the trunk, damaging the surface inside the trunk, etc. Removing the stains and cleaning the trunk is essential, but the right kinds of detergents, liquids, and cleaning cloth helps you make the process easier and show effective results.

2. Remove the lint:
You often store your furry coats, jackets, sweaters, trench coats, etc., in the trunk. Such clothes generally leave particular woollen shreds called lint on the surface of the trunk, which should be removed properly. If not, they tend to stick to interiors and lose their colour when they come in contact with chemicals in cleaning liquids, soaps, or detergents causing irremovable stains.

3. Vacuuming efficiently:
Deep cleaning involves cleaning the surfaces, the trunk, and the carpet-rolled interiors. However, do not stop just at the cleaning but also vacuum the trunk to get rid of those tiny pieces of paper, leaves from the vegetable stems, or fruit peels. Clean everything that is not easily visible to the naked eye while cleaning. The trunk of your car can be a complex surface to maintain if you do not deep clean regularly and follow the complete routine and methods.

4. Cleaning the carpet:
While the surfaces are supposed to be clean, do not just leave the carpet and vacuum it regularly. Occasionally, remove the carpet from the trunk and wash it well by shampooing and conditioning it. You need to dry it completely before putting it back in the trunk. Even a slightly wet carpet can cause damage by giving rise to bacteria, thus making it unhealthy and unhygienic for you and the people in your car.

Adding to this list, remember to clean the lid of your trunk. A dirty top of the trunk of your car might make your entire effort of deep cleaning your car’s trunk go to waste due to the dirt and dust sitting on it.

We hope you found this blog valuable and effective in maintaining cleanliness and pleasing odour inside your car. Moreover, it is always a good idea to get car insurance and protect your vehicle from any damages which might be caused during unfortunate circumstances. Explore your options and purchase the best car insurance India that optimally caters to your needs.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.