Learn more about engine protection add-ons in two wheeler insurance

Learn more about engine protection add-ons in two wheeler insurance  30th November 2022

Bike engine damage can be severe and adversely impact you financially. Even though it doesn't break down often, fixing the engine can be expensive. An engine protection in your two wheeler insurance helps you in case of damage caused by water getting into the engine or oil leaking and making the engine non-functional.

You always have to select it as add-on insurance, as the comprehensive coverage does not cover the engine. For a little higher premium, you may rest easy knowing that you are protected financially if the insured bike's engine suffers damage.

The bike engine protection add-on covers the cost of repairing or replacing engine and gearbox components damaged by water intrusion, lubricating oil or coolant leaks, or a hydrostatic lock of the covered bike. The engine protection add-on is essential that you should consider when buying bike insurance.

The two-wheeler engine protection cover's advantages are as follows:

• It covers the cost of the bike's most expensive component - the engine

• Protection against physical harm caused by hydraulic lock to the engine and gearbox

• Financial protection against engine oil or lubricant leaks caused by water intrusion

• Provides monetary security

• Ideal for residents of flood-prone areas

The engine protection add-on does not cover the following items:

• Any maintenance or replacement due to normal wear and tear

• Repair or replacement of an internal part of the engine or gearbox because the driver was drunk, illegally racing, or the bike was driven while the driver's licence was invalid

• Damage or losses caused by engine corrosion

• The price of lubricants or engine oil

• Any claim made following the deadline for notifying the insurer of the incident

• Any claim in which engine parts were repaired or replaced without first notifying the insurance provider

• Any claims that are beyond the manufacturer's warranty

Do you need an engine protection add-on?
When you buy insurance from 2 wheeler insurance India, the "Engine Protection" is generally not covered. It is an advantage that is provided as an add-on. You should opt for this feature if you live in a region prone to flooding. For a small additional premium, you can relax knowing that the most expensive component of your motorcycle is covered and stop worrying about unexpected repair costs resulting from engine damage.

Who should purchase the engine protection option?
With a small cost on your annual premium, the engine protection add-on cover provides additional protection. For the following reasons, it would be best if you gave some thinking to get the bike engine protection add-on:

• If you have just purchased a new bike

• If you live in a flood-prone location

• If you want financial protection against significant damage to the engine parts

Understand that any damage to the engine's internal components can be expensive. To prevent unintended damage to the engine or gearbox components, check the engine oil level frequently. The bike should be serviced regularly as per the schedule, and you should change parts like the air filter and oil periodically to keep the engine running smoothly.

Avoid over-accelerating the engine because this could cause it to overheat and harm its internal components. Also, avoid buying duplicate parts during any post-damage repair. Lastly, buy a reliable 2 wheeler insurance India with an efficient engine protection add-on to enjoy an exceptional benefit.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.