Let's decode the BH series number plates in India

Let's decode the BH series number plates in India  02nd January 2023

We have seen cars with various types of number plates. Usually, the number plates of vehicles include the vehicle's registration and the state in which it was registered. There are VIP number plates too, which have digits in a unique combination and cost much more than the regular number plates.

In this blog, let's decode the BH series number plates that have been quite talked about recently in India.

1. What are BH series number plates?
In layman's terms, a car with a BH series number plate will not have to get a new registration card upon moving to a new state. These BH or Bharat series number plates were brought into execution in 2021 by the central government of India. It allows the vehicle owners of non-cargo automobiles to shift from one state to another without worrying about getting a new registration for their cars, two-wheelers, etc.

2. How are these BH series number plates useful?
The BH or Bharat series number plates have proven helpful for people in the government sector who frequently have transferable jobs, for people in the defence sector, or the private sector who regularly have to change their location to cater to the demand of their work and the companies they are employed in. These number plates allow them to avoid the hassle of exhausting themselves by running to the RTOs (Regional Transport Office) and getting a new registration for their non-cargo four-wheelers and two-wheelers.

3. Some information about number plates is essential.
The regular registration of a non-cargo vehicle involves limiting it to one state. The initial two letters of the number plates denote the state the car was registered in. For example, GJ for Gujarat, BR for Bihar, TN for Tamil Nadu, DL for Delhi, MH for Maharashtra, etc. The two digits next to the letters depict the district of the state of registration.
However, for regular registration, when a vehicle is shifted from one state in India to another, it is permitted to use its old registration and number plate for up to twelve months. After this period of one year, the vehicle needs to get a new registration at the RTO of that particular location. This new registration includes a NOC certificate, additional charges, and taxes, which will be informed upon your visit and consultation. The vehicle owner will be fined according to the costs of the new state if they fail to complete this process in time.
However, the registration process for BH series number plates began on the 15th of September 2021, and is entirely digital. Therefore, all your application work has to be done online. This avoids the struggle of commuting to the assigned government office and getting in line for your work to be completed.
A BH or Bharat series number plate will look something like this:
XY BH $$$$ XX
XY is the registration year, BH is the Bharat series code, $$$$ is the registration number of the vehicle (ranges from 0000 to 9999), and XX are alphabets from AA to ZZ indicating the category of the car.

The introduction of BH or Bharat series number plates provides a huge relief against this tiring and lengthy process for the people who have to move their families and house setup from one state to another quite often.

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