Let's discuss how you can increase the range of your electric vehicle

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Let's discuss how you can increase the range of your electric vehicle  16th September 2022

Electric vehicles are all the rage right now. India will significantly switch from fuel-based to electric-based vehicles in the upcoming years. Countries like the USA have seen a significant chunk of their population switch to electric cars. Even in India, people drive electric scooters in metropolitan cities. Like every other vehicle, electric vehicles also require maintenance. Plus, you would need to ensure that you make the energy of your electric vehicle efficient and increase the capacity of the engines to give your vehicle a prolonged life.

Now, let's discuss the techniques and tips that can increase the range of your electric vehicle. Doing this will help you improve your car's battery life in the long run. So, let's get started.

1. Drive properly:
Sudden jerks and an increase in acceleration can adversely affect your battery as the increment would put pressure and end up draining the battery. Experimenting with your vehicle's torques and testing the high speeds sure seem very lucrative, but it will impact your battery negatively over time. You also need to ensure that you drive smoothly and operate your vehicle carefully to increase the battery's longevity and the overall functioning of your two-wheeler or fourwheeler.

2. Go easy on the air conditioners:
The usage of air-conditioners does impact the battery. Prolonged use of air conditioning depletes the battery power at a fast rate. But there are places and times when you cannot live without the air conditioner. How do you go about this issue? You can switch on the fan instead of amping up the compressor. This will help you conserve power and regulate the cool air inside the car. You can open the windows, but this slightly affects the car's aerodynamics, functioning, and operations.

3. Be careful on those brakes:
Your electric vehicle's regenerative braking helps you recover the energy lost during the sudden braking process. So, use that whenever there is a necessity for brakes. And make sure to avoid unnecessary braking as it stresses the battery into bringing the vehicle to a halt or lowering the speed out of the blue. So, take it a little easy on the brakes whenever you are driving. Also, ensure that you use the maximum regenerative setting of your car during the deceleration process. This option will help conserve all the extra power by directing it back to the battery and increasing its life.

4. Be mindful about charging your vehicle:
It would be best if you carefully charge your electric vehicle. Keeping it plugged in all the time while your car is idle in the garage is of no use. Instead, it will negatively affect the battery as it starts to self-discharge once it gets fully charged. Timing the charging of your electric vehicle's battery helps you to attain those few miles once your vehicle is fully charged and plugged out at the right time. Timing the battery charge also helps conserve electricity and increases your battery's longevity. So, it's easier on the pocket and the environment.

Some other ways to increase the range of your electric vehicle include figuring out an efficient route to your destination, packing and travelling light, keeping your tyres in check, etc.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.