Let's discuss naturopathy and its effectiveness for a healthy life

Let's discuss naturopathy and its effectiveness for a healthy life  29th December 2022

While the allopathic world is trying its best, home remedies have also proven very effective, especially in our Indian culture. Naturopathy is the alternative medicinal route to building antibodies, curing health issues, and catalysing the body's healing capabilities and defence mechanisms.

But, how well do you know about naturopathy? Are you aware of the positive effects naturopathy has on the human body? What precautions must you take while going down this route of alternative remedies? Don't worry. This blog has all the answers to your queries and more! Let's discuss naturopathy and its effectiveness for a healthy life.

What is naturopathy?
Naturopathy is a healthcare practise that brings science and nature under one umbrella. It relies on fundamental principles and natural remedies like sunlight, water, exercise, diet, and stress management. Naturopathy enhances the body's ability to regain excellent health without using allopathic or over-the-counter medicines.

What are the pillars of naturopathy?
The five crucial elements of naturopathy include - air, water, fire, earth, and ether. Naturopathy practitioners ensure that they direct your body and mind toward holistic development through hydrotherapy, sunray therapy, mud therapy, air therapy, and vacuum therapy. Naturopathic physicians are state-licenced medical professionals recognised as primary care providers (PCPs).

Following are a few ways in which naturopathy helps heal our bodies.

• The healing power of nature:
The study of naturopathy believes that the human body has a self-healing ability. Naturopathy helps enhance the body's capability to fight and ward off any issues by following a healthy diet, nutrition, regular exercise, and herbal medicines.

• Treat in entirety:
Naturopathy practitioners approach the human body entirely. They believe that human's overall health is composed of more than just physical health. While developing their treatments, naturopaths consider all these factors and establish the medications on a holistic level. While western medicine focuses on suppressing or treating the symptom, naturopathy focuses on restoring the body's health and curing the illness from its core.

• Complete focus on zero harm:
Naturopathy always prioritises treatment methodologies that cause no damage to the body and are non-invasive. While physicians believe in "doing whatever it takes," naturopathy has shown a reluctance to use drugs and methods that can put the human body under external distress. It uses only natural remedies and elements like air, water, earth, and herbs to perform the treatment.

• Identifying the cause:
Symptoms are not only the focus area in naturopathy. Naturopathy practitioners prioritise identifying and removing the cause, not just eliminating the symptoms. The reason helps them diagnose the underlying problem, which allows them to curate their medications and suggest treatment methods.

• Prevention is always the first step:
Naturopathy focuses on developing the body's strength and immunity to keep all diseases at bay. Naturopaths prioritise assessing the risks and provide suggestions through healthy eating habits, a sound sleep cycle, and practising meditation.

Yes, it is effective.
Naturopaths work in close connection with their counterparts to exchange ideas, research, and treatments for the betterment of their patients. Naturopathy can also be related to alternatives like ayurveda, homoeopathy, acupuncture, etc.

Naturopathy is covered under insurance.
Yes, naturopathy is insured by health insurance under AYUSH treatments. All the medical expenses involved in the naturopathy treatment, including access to AYUSH hospitals or day-care centres and in-patient hospitalisation costs, are covered. Also, you may save a considerable amount on your sum insured as the cost of AYUSH treatments is lower than that of allopathy.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.