Let's examine the most common trucking violations in India

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Let's examine the most common trucking violations in India  25th February 2021


India's economy is heavily dependent on the transport of various goods. As the world's second-most populous country and one of the fastest-growing economies, different food and industrial needs can be met only with effective and constant transport operations. Supplying goods for a population as vast as over 130 crore people isn't easy, and various modes of transport are used to meet the demand and supply requirements of the nation. Be it the well-connected train routes or the extensive trucking system, transportation is pivotal for the country.

And while the train pilots are heavily compensated and well paid, the trucking community is often neglected. With minimal pay, over the top work hours and extended working conditions, truck pilots face a lot of trouble.

Today, we highlight the most prevalent trucking violations in India.

1. Sleepless nights:
Truck drivers are constantly working for 12 hours at a stretch. Sometimes this goes on for days non-stop. Covering long distances within a given time can be challenging for the drivers. And sleepless nights and bare minimum food can add to the fatigue.
Research showed that almost 53 per cent of the current driving force face various psychological and physical issues, including but not limited to insomnia, obesity, joint pain, poor vision etc.

2. Extended work hours:
Since most truckers come from low-income groups, they are always looking for ways to work extra hours. This leads to added fatigue and exhaustion.
There have been instances when drivers have unknowingly knocked vehicles from the road and crushed the pedestrians. While there is no mandate stating the number of permissible work hours in India, it is illegal to drive for more than 10 hours at a stretch in most countries.

3. Overloading:
About 10 percent of total accidents are caused by overloading. These accidents can be caused due to various reasons such as tyre burst, loss of balance, manoeuvring the speed on an incline, worn out brakes etc. The weight of the truck changes if it's overloaded, which impacts the centre of gravity, making it challenging to handle the vehicle.

4. Poor health care:
Trucking services neglect the need to provide basic insurance to truckers and co-pilots. The truckers often turn to home remedies and generic medicines in case of injury. In most cases, they cannot afford the treatment as they prioritise reaching the destination on time. As a result, severe back pain and loss of vision have become some of the most common health issues amongst truckers.

Truckers are one of the most villainous communities on the road. However, we need to understand that they are put through extremely hostile work conditions. Providing sufficient health care and funds to truckers should be made mandatory. Limiting the working hours, maintaining a logbook and providing good resting conditions for the drivers can bring a considerable change to the trucking business in the country.

Sometimes, the truckers are responsible for bearing the cost of repairs on the truck while on the road. Burdening the drivers with such extra expense can be avoided by investing in comprehensive online motor insurance and selecting the plans that provide the best benefits. Various NGOs and individual transport companies can look for multiple covers, including health insurance, public accident insurance and motor insurance for the drivers.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.