Let's know about these incredible benefits of journaling you weren't aware of

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Let's know about these incredible benefits of journaling you weren't aware of  06th June 2022


How often do you feel frustrated and overwhelmed due to work pressure? Everyone deals with the chaos of life, but a little organisation does not hurt. Putting your thoughts in line can help you manage a significant chunk of your life without the intensity and pressure of things affecting you negatively.

Our previous generations faced a hard time and struggled a lot to keep all the fronts of life in order. But thankfully, the modern generation has taken up the concept of “self-love” and “self-care” seriously. And thanks to social media, people are now aware of why it is essential that you admire, love, and respect yourself in all facets of life. It helps boost your mental health and enables you to gain confidence to face all that life throws at you.

One of the most important aspects of organising your thoughts is “journaling.” Writing down your day and your reviews can give miraculous results. Penning down all that runs through your mind gives those abstract thoughts a proper structure. And now that you have a problem in hand, it becomes easier to find a solution. But there is more to journaling and its advantages. Let’s know about these incredible benefits of journaling you weren’t aware of.

1. Define your goals:

Jotting down your goals makes it real for your brain to grab the concept of accomplishing them. Your mind starts thinking about how you can achieve your goals. It further helps you to take a walk through all the possible processes you might have to go through to get the work done. It searches for resources and opportunities to help you attain your desired results.

2. Healing is a process:

Healing from traumatic experiences and emotional baggage is not accessible. But journaling can help you sort your feelings by giving them a form of a tangible problem statement. Once your brain sees your emotions on paper, it begins to put the pieces together to understand the actual issue. It gives you clarity compared to the clump of feelings with no beginning or endpoint.

3. Manage anxiety and stress:

Revisiting the most stressful occasions of your day by writing about them in detail gives you a certain sense of disentanglement and detachment. And once you detach yourself emotionally from the situation, you can see it from a rational point of view and analyse the whole scenario in pointers. This will help you improve your reactions and responses the next time you are stuck in similar situations.

4. Regaining confidence:

We all tend to lose confidence once in a while. Going through difficult situations creates insecurity, which takes time and effort to overcome. And at times, these insecurities quash your self-esteem to the point of no return. But journaling can help you escape this web of uncertainty.
You can write down all your accomplishments and how you managed to handle difficult situations on stressful occasions and never give up on yourself. These things act as a reminder of confidence and help you balance your emotions in the best way possible.

Other benefits of journaling include boosting mindfulness, improving your communication abilities and memory, providing a safe space as an outlet for emotions, etc.

In this blog, we saw how journaling could improve your mental health and help you keep your cool even in the most stressful situations. Similarly, it is essential to take care of your physical health too. Health emergencies usually come without warning. So, it is crucial to safeguard you and your family members in any unprecedented situations which can put your health at risk. You can explore your options and purchase health insurance that caters to your needs the best.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.