Let's learn the facts about electric two-wheelers and what makes them a popular choice

Let's learn the facts about electric two-wheelers and what makes them a popular choice  28th November 2022

Electric two-wheelers are one of the fastest-growing segments in the Indian automobile industry. Manufacturers are putting effort into increasing efficiency, power and affordable pricing to attract Indian consumers. What makes electric two-wheelers a popular choice in India? Let us go through some of the facts to understand it better.

1. Zero emission:
Most of the big metropolitan cities, as well as smaller Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, are reeling under the problem of air pollution. The fast pace of growth of industries, along with the number of vehicles plying on the roads, is putting tremendous pressure on the Air Quality Index (AQI). Electric two-wheelers have become a big saviour amidst the gloomy air pollution scene. They produce zero-emission and have no contribution to environmental pollution.

2. Silent operation:
Electric two-wheelers hardly make any sound, unlike other two-wheelers that make heavy and disturbing noise while running. Hence, they offer complete peace of mind and are a pleasure to ride.

3. Pocket-friendly:
Electric two-wheelers have a very low running cost. This is one of their most important and unique benefits that regular two-wheelers can never match. Since they run on batteries, we do not need to fuel them with petrol. The constantly increasing fuel prices rarely bother electric two-wheelers owners.
They do require charging, but that cost is also minimal. A regular electric two-wheeler usually consumes around 10-15 units of electricity to charge fully. We can drive upwards of 100 kilometres on a full charge. Hence, in layman’s terms, an electric two-wheeler will cost only about Re.1 per kilometre.
On the other hand, the running cost of your two-wheeler, which operates on petrol, is upwards of Rs.3/- per kilometre. Unarguably, the running cost of electric two-wheelers is very low compared to conventional two-wheelers.

4. Easy manoeuvrability:
Electric two-wheelers are very lightweight since they do not have heavy engines. Their heart is just the lightweight motor. Due to this reason, they are excellent at handling and manoeuvre in daily city traffic.
They are comfortable and easy to handle, even for girls and kids. Nowadays, bikes are also available in the electric format. They are powerful with good pick-up and speed. This makes them a very popular choice among both genders and all age groups.

5. Low maintenance cost:
Conventional two-wheelers require service once every 3-4 months. We need to change their engine oil with each service. Also, some or the other components need replacement every time we get our two wheeler serviced.
This is not the case with an electric two-wheeler. As they require minimal servicing, their daily maintenance cost doesn't upset the owner. Also, they hardly need replacements of components, which further lowers their maintenance cost.

Electric two-wheelers are the buzz of the moment, and every automobile manufacturer wants to enter this segment. They have more advantages than disadvantages over conventional two-wheelers, making them a popular choice.

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