Let's understand how personal accident insurance can be beneficial for sports players

Let's understand how personal accident insurance can be beneficial for sports players  18th October 2022

India is known to be a country full of diehard sports enthusiasts. Indians have a massive fanbase for cricket, badminton, tennis, and hockey players, to name a few. Over the years, as interest in sports has picked up, so has the interest in participation. While our international representation in renowned championships has grown, so has the focus on sports in schools. Presently, there are several opportunities for people of varying ages to explore various sports at their convenience and budgets.

One common risk in most sports is the occurrence of accidents. While sports require a certain level of competitive spirit and fierceness, it must be done carefully to avoid injuries. Be it minor or significant- an accident can alter a sports person's life and future opportunities. Besides the fun and excitement, safety is the most crucial aspect of sports.

Since accidents can occur to people involved in sports, purchasing a personal accident cover is advisable. In addition to it, sports players should put in extra effort to find the best personal accident policy in India to cover any costs allied with accidental injuries or death.

What is covered under personal accident insurance?

A personal accident policy covers medical costs that arise due to accidents. Accidents in sports are inevitable and often result in high medical expenditure. Purchasing a plan that covers the cost of hospitalisation and compensates the insured or the legal heirs in case of partial or permanent disabilities is prudent. While the formerly stated patients receive periodic pay-outs, the policyholder's family who dies due to an accident is entitled to a lump sum payment.

It also covers medical bills for frequent accidents like burns and fractures, legal processing, funeral, and child education expenses if opted for as an add-on to the policy.

Insurance policies have evolved over the years to include injuries occurring due to sports, except for adventure sports, which have more significant risks and mortalities. Upon closer observation of the fine print of the best personal accident policy in India, you may find that participating in any dangerous sports activity is not covered under the policy. Therefore, sportspersons need to raise questions and get clarity regarding what is included and what is not in their accident cover to ensure that their claims do not get rejected.

The need for sports players to purchase personal accident insurance:

With the increasing interest in sports over the years, especially after the pandemic, more people are inclined towards pursuing sports as a fitness hobby or career. Being fit is the new trend, and the easiest way to do so is by engaging in a sport you like as a hobby. Whether you are a newbie to the activity or an experienced athlete, the risk of accidents is ubiquitous for all sports persons engaging in strenuous sports

Since accidents come unannounced, sports enthusiasts must research and find the best personal accident policy in India to derive the most significant benefit. If selected right, there are several benefits of an accident insurance policy. It provides coverage against any liabilities arising from the accident in the form of hospitalisation costs and loss of income for a stipulated period. It may even cover your children's education fees if provided. A key feature is the provision of compensation for disabilities, in which case the insured is entitled to receive a lump sum amount.

Therefore, with due diligence, sports persons can easily discover the best personal accident policy in India to cover potential accidents and compensate them or their families for damages arising from such accidents. Injuries are a part of the journey of a sportsperson. Rather than running away, they must face it and conquer every fall to achieve success one day!

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.