Let's understand the advantages of lightweight wheels

Let's understand the advantages of lightweight wheels  27th June 2022

When you consider a bike's performance, many factors such as top speed, acceleration, engine capacity and power, mileage, accessibility of spare parts, servicing and maintenance, braking system, etc., contribute to a good outcome. Adding to this list are the wheels of your bike.

The wheels hold the tyres tightly to create a good balance and help steer the bike according to your driving directions and intensity. If you have a bike or are a bike lover, you would know that wheels come in different types, mainly lightweight and heavyweight. While each of these wheels has its pros and cons, how would we know which one is suitable for your bike?

This blog will discuss the benefits of lightweight wheels and how they add the "zing" to your motorcycle, giving it the winning edge.

So, let's understand the advantages of lightweight wheels to help you conclude which one you should choose and why.

1. We need to understand why weight matters:

To begin with, it is crucial to understand why the weight of the wheels matter. We can apply the fundamental theory of physics here. If anything is light and has lesser rotational mass (the level of resistance required to change its position or state), moving it forward is much easier. This is why it is convenient and requires less power from your bike's engine to move the lightweight wheels than the heavy ones.

2. Fuel consumption:

We all must opt for techniques to conserve fuel and make our vehicles more fuel-efficient. Lightweight wheels provide a way for your vehicle to use less power. So lesser the amount of power required to move the wheels, the less fuel consumed by the engine. There will be a minimal strain on the engine leading to minimising fuel usage.

3. Smooth movement:

Lightweight wheels, as already proved, are comparatively easier to move. In addition to the easy movement, lightweight wheels aid smooth turning and respond quickly, specifically in the corners. The smooth steering is a huge plus and excitement factor for bike enthusiasts. Besides improving gas mileage, lightweight wheels provide comfortable driving and a quality ride.

4. Need for speed:

Lightweight wheels are your best bet if you wish to achieve high speed while riding. They provide the comfort, quality and top performance of your bike. They show the immediate effect on the speed as you accelerate, thus achieving top speeds in a matter of seconds.

Get that adventure you seek by choosing the lighter wheels. But make sure you handle your motorcycle well, as lighter vehicles tend to be a little less stable. Safety is a huge concern, and you must adhere to all safety regulations. Gear up properly before you take your bike out for a ride.

We have already looked into how you need to be careful no matter the wheels you choose, and it is not always possible to anticipate any accidents or injuries you might end up in. Therefore, you must invest in bike insurance to safeguard it against the damages. You can browse all your options and deals before buying bike insurance. Select a comprehensive plan that offers the best coverage to your bike and comes with a reasonable premium.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.