Let's understand the difference between fuel injection and carburettor in bikes

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Let's understand the difference between fuel injection and carburettor in bikes  25th February 2021


Buying a bike is a significant investment for any individual. You put a lot of thought and money into the type of bike you want. The model, budget, brand, features, arrangement of finances are some significant factors a prospective bike owner must consider while making a decision.

An essential part of finalising the type of bike you want is determining the fueling system: carburettor or fuel injection system. For someone who desires to buy a motorcycle but is not technically sound, determining the difference between these two can be an exhausting process.

In this blog, let's understand the difference between fuel injection and carburettor in bikes so that you can get a clear idea about which one would serve your needs in the best way possible.

Let's have a look at the carburettor:
The carburettor is the traditional fuel-delivery system in two-wheelers. It has been the standard system opted by most manufacturers in India. The carburettor consists of a tube connected to a venturi. The venturi then reduces the fuel's flow by narrowing it into a cone-shaped tube. Air pressure is created by the device developing suction to draw the fuel. In layman's terms, the carburettor combines air and fuel in a definite ratio and passes it on to the combustion chamber.

Why should you opt for a carburettor?

1. They are relatively cheap, resistant and sturdy.

2. Affordable and easily replaceable.

3. Fine-tuning is possible (improves mileage).

4. Easily removable and serviceable.

What are the difficulties you might face?

1. You might experience a lag when you squeeze the throttle while riding.

2. It cannot achieve optimum fuel efficiency.

3. Prone to damage (wear and tear).

4. Dust blockages can be problematic.

Now, let's understand what a fuel injection system is?

A fuel injection system is a modern technology-based system used in bikes in the current times. It consists of multiple electronic components and sensors that form the Electronic Control Unit (ECU), which monitors the whole fuel-injected system. The fuel pump inside the tank monitors and controls the fuel flow. The ECU calculates the air and fuel needed for the combustion process.

What are the advantages?

1. Sharper throttle response with no lag.

2. Precise air and fuel mixture for efficient combustion.

3. Durable and low maintenance process.

4. Better mileage.

5. Reduced air pollution.

What are some hitches of the fuel injection system that you might face?

1. Comparatively expensive than the carburettor system.

2. Difficult to fine-tune without expensive and complex tools.

3. ECU takes a professional understanding of how things work. Regular mechanics might find it challenging to repair.

Those were the significant concepts, advantages and challenges to help you understand the difference between fuel injection and carburettor in bikes. This will help you determine which system would cater to your needs in the best way possible. Now, to make sure that you safeguard your bike during unfortunate incidents, it would be a wise option to get it insured.

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