Let's understand the difference between strength training and weight training

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Let's understand the difference between strength training and weight training  13th June 2022


If you have recently started your fitness journey or are planning to do it soon, you will come across words like “strength training” and “weight training”. But, what do these terms mean, and how much of it should you inculcate in your daily fitness regimen? More often, people primarily focus on weight loss or bodybuilding. However, an important thing to remember is to lose fat healthily. Overdoing your exercises and following unreasonable diets can have the opposite effect on your body.

This article will look at a few key differences between “weight training” and “strength training” to help you understand them better. Always remember to use weights under the guidance of a professional. Improper postures and overestimating your ability can lead to muscular and joint injuries. Let’s get started!

What is weight training?

Weight training indicates exercises that require the use of weights. Weights can be of various types; dumbbells, barbells, kettlebells, etc. Weight training is not limited to using gym equipment for your exercises. You can also make use of your body weight to practice weight training. Exercises such as push-ups, planks, and pull-ups are a few examples of using your body weight to see similar results to gym training.

Do not exert too much with excessive weights while doing weight training. Focus on how long it takes to fatigue your muscle with the most basic weight. Build your way up from there. Adding weights and gradually increasing the number of sets is a highly efficient way of building strength. If you experience pain while doing an exercise, it is best to leave that exercise. Take that up later with fewer weights.

Benefits of weight training:

● Increases strength of muscles and tissues

● Improves bone density

● Improves heart health

● It prevents aches in joints and back

● Aids in weight loss

● Defines and sculpts your body

What is strength training?

Strength training focuses on building strength and resistance. The basic purpose of doing strength training is to develop a strong core. It takes advantage of muscle contraction to build endurance and overall body strength. Strength training involves parts of weight training such as push-ups, lunges, etc. Equipment can vary from ropes and sleds to balance balls, and tyres. Strength training involves customised plans to stimulate and emphasise a particular area.

It is highly beneficial for people looking to improve their flexibility. Sportspersons undergo this training to enhance their skills and understand the chain of movement they will require in the game. Strength training plays a crucial role in helping people manoeuvre through these routines and gain optimal body functionality.

Benefits of strength training:

● Strengthens your body

● Boosts your metabolism

● Reduces fat

● Lowers risk of injury

● Helps in managing blood sugar levels

● Makes you more flexible

These are a few key differences between strength and weight training. One thing to remember while starting weight or strength training is to consult a trainer or a professional. Proper guidance is important for first-timers. Professionals can aid you in understanding the requirements of your body and customise a plan accordingly.

Irrespective of what kind of exercise you are doing, do not underestimate the power of a proper warm-up. Warm-ups prepare your muscles and tissues to prepare your body for an intense workout and decrease the chances of injuries. Putting in ten minutes of your time to do cardio or walking makes a good warm-up.

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