Lets understand the health benefits of cycling for elders

Let's understand the health benefits of cycling for elders  30th September 2022

Cycling is a fun exercise with many benefits for everyone. The younger generation is fascinated with cycling adventure, and they usually ride their bicycles in their vicinity and even plan passionate cycling tours to thrilling destinations. But did you know that cycling also benefits and excites older adults? It is an excellent way of keeping older adults fit, healthy, and engaged without putting too much pressure on their bodies.

If you want your parents to be protected from the possibilities of heart diseases and cancer, make them indulge in cycling as it helps reduce the risk of these adverse medical conditions. Another great way to ensure a healthy lifestyle for your ageing parents is to buy the best health insurance in India and provide vital financial support during medical emergencies.

Now, let's see some interesting health benefits elders can enjoy by cycling regularly.

1. Boost the immune system:
Elders have a weak immune system; as they grow old, they produce fewer T-cells, essential to fight against diseases. Cycling helps maintain the production of T-cells in older people, which boosts their immune system. It also helps older adults to preserve their strength and muscle mass to stay energetic throughout the day and feel less lethargic in doing any activity.

2. Good for the heart and body:
Cycling is excellent for the cardiovascular health of the elderly. It reduces the risk of severe health conditions due to heart disease by 45%. The elders who ride bikes regularly get their cardiovascular health increased by 3 to 7%. Riding a bicycle for 30 minutes also helps reduce the risk of several other medical conditions, like kidney disease, diabetes, and colorectal and lung cancer.

3. Slower ageing:
According to a study, high intensity cycling or other exercises can result in slower ageing. Older adults can enjoy the anti-ageing benefits by setting up a daily cycling routine. It is essential to maintain mitochondrial capacity as its decline can lead to physical deterioration. Cycling is excellent for increasing mitochondrial capacity.

4. Deal with fat:
Excessive accumulation of fat due to lack of physical activity can increase the risk of health problems like stroke, type 2 diabetes, and heart attack in the elderly. As they grow older, exercising to lose weight becomes a little complicated. But cycling doesn't put much pressure on the body. Elders can easily lose fat and weight with regular cycling with less effort and maximum benefits.

5. A good stressbuster:
Stress is a general issue that bothers younger and older adults for several reasons. This stress becomes the underlying cause of several other health complications. Hence, it becomes crucial to control stress to improve an individual's mental and physical well-being. Group activities like cycling are enjoyable as cyclists can meet new people with similar interests. It helps elders find companionship and keep themselves cheerful.

6. Good for joints:
Walking and running become challenging as people get older. Seniors usually suffer from injured joints, and putting too much pressure can worsen their condition. Cycling is ideal for elders as it puts less stress on their joints. According to a study, cycling improves the condition of knee pain and osteoarthritis in older adults.

7. Build strength and stamina:
Cycling helps seniors build knee muscles and improve their stamina. It is a whole-body workout that helps older adults maintain their strength and endurance. It also enhances the mobility of individuals and helps them keep their bodies in the best shape.

Once you understand the significance of cycling, encourage your elderly to get involved in this activity. It helps elders meet new people, essential to improving their mood, and gives them a new direction to live their retirement life with enthusiasm.

Indeed, cycling improves the health condition of elders and provides them with the reward of a fitter lifestyle. Gift the elderly with the additional coverage of the best health insurance in India. Insurance supports financially by covering the diagnosis, hospitalisation, medical, and ambulance fees, releasing massive stress from older adults to deal with their health complications.

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Disclaimer: The information provided above is for illustrative purposes only. To get more details, please refer to policy wordings and prospectus before purchasing a policy.